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Dragon medical practice edition with power mic ii


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Dragon medical practice edition with power mic ii

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Dragon Medical Practice Edition withPowerMic IIViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.0 out of 5Product Featuredragon medicalqdragon medical practice editionqdragon medical practiceqdragon medical 11qRead moreqProduct DescriptionDragon Medical Practice Edition offers the fastest and smartest way for physicians, nurses, and other providersin smaller practices to document care. Dictate medical findings directly into any Windows®- based EHR threetimes faster than most people type, with up to 99% accuracy. Use voice commands to navigate quickly withinan EHR to review test results or dictate a prescription. Dragon Medical Practice Edition includes vocabulariesthat cover nearly 60 medical specialties and subspecialties, and supports HIPAA compliance guidelines. DragonMedical Practice Edition helps you raise the quality of care while making your practice more efficient andprofitable. Read moreYou May Also LikeFujitsu fi-6130Z Duplex Sheet-Fed Document Scanner (PA03630-B055)Dictaphone PowerMic IIDictaphone PowerMic II Handheld USB Dictation Microphone (Without Scanner)Dragon Medical Practice EditionMainpine Iq Express Rf5118 Intelligent Fax Board 1 X Analog - Super G3 - Pci Express X1