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Ransomware Infographic - Be Fully Protected from Ransomware Attacks

Be sure you're backed up and ready in case of a ransomware attack. Manage the risk of ransomware in 3 easy steps. Please feel free to download this infographic and share within your social networks.

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Ransomware Infographic - Be Fully Protected from Ransomware Attacks

  1. 1. FOLLOW US ON © 2017 Veritas Technologies LLC. All rights reserved. Veritas, the Veritas Logo, and Backup Exec logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Veritas Technologies LLC or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. REFERENCES: 1 Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2017 2 Intermedia Ransomware 101: What your business needs to know about ransomware attacks, March 2016 BE FULLY PROTECTED BE SURE YOU’RE BACKED UP AND READY. Manage the risk of ransomware in 3 easy steps. Adopting a multi-layered approach minimizes the impact of infection. BE protected. Follow this easy 3-step strategy… EDUCATE. • Make sure employees know the dangers, and know what to do. • Don't open suspicious-looking emails, links or attachments. • Especially those advising you to enable macros. • Beware pop-ups and software with optional installs. • Scan all external storage. • Ensure desktops and laptops, which hold 60% of corporate data, are backed up. PROTECT. • Back up regularly and frequently, including endpoints. • Store backups separately. • Test and verify backups regularly. • Secure your backups. And isolate them from the rest of the network. • Test your data recovery capabilities. SECURE. • Install security software. • Keep it up-to-date. No exceptions. • Ensure that OS, software and firmware stay patched on all devices. • Set anti-virus and anti-malware to auto scan and update. • Configure access controls and permissions appropriately. • Automate file and backup recovery on Windows and Mac desktops and laptops. Multi-layer, Mitigate and Minimize Save today It’s as easy as 1,2,3. With Veritas Backup Exec™ and Veritas Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) all your critical data virtual, physical cloud, AND at endpoints can be backed up. And recovered. Quickly and easily. We have some fantastic limited-time special offers too. So get unified backup with Veritas. The timing and the savings couldn’t BE better. WannaCry, a massive coordinated ransomware attack, struck global organizations in May of 2017. It targeted businesses big and small, few of which had any idea what was about to hit them. According to a recent report by Hiscox1 , half of all firms remain completely unprepared ‘cyber novices’… 32%lose data access for 5 days or more after a cyber attack2 . 20%of victims who pay up still don’t get their data back2 . WHO’S THE TARGET? Think ransomware won’t affect you? Think again. The list of targets is growing all the time: • Business services • Construction • Property • Public sector • Tech start-ups • Telecoms • Law • Accountancy • Finance • Insurance • Brokers • Retail