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vrscomputers is veteran laptop rental service providers in Dubai


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VRS Technologies offer individual to bulk laptop rental for businesses, students, schools, trade shows, conferences etc. Also, we offer free upgrades to the existing laptops as well as replace them with latest technology laptops during the rental period. visit our website for more info

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vrscomputers is veteran laptop rental service providers in Dubai

  1. 1. VRSComputers is veteran laptop rental service providers in Dubai Considering laptop rental in Dubai for classroom training, business meetings, conferences, and offices is a time-tested and proven strategy for lucrative and successful deliverables. We have discussed the effectiveness of taking laptops on rent in length various times. At this point, we would like to focus on laptop rental for classroom training. Taking laptops for rent is all the more beneficial for classroom training if there is travel involved. The laptops make it easier to commute long distances without any hindrance. At VRS Technologies LLC offer laptop rental in Dubai, apart from which we also provide other essential accessories like the extra mouse, keyboards, projectors and LED screens to make your classroom training progress uneventfully.
  2. 2. Laptop rental in Dubai from VRS Computers can help you out with the following aspects: • Huge inventory of laptops: We at a short notice can deliver 1000+ laptops of top brands for conducting your classroom training seamlessly. Our technicians can have the laptops ready as per the requirement, be it with Wi-Fi support or with wired connections. • Meets pre-installed software needs: We handle the pre-installation of any software required for the classroom training along with uploading your brand logo on the screen with prior intimation. We see to it that the system requirements are met, like installing the latest version of MS Office Suite, specific OS requirements etc. • Within your budget: We see to it that well- maintained, best laptops are made available for our customers at an economical price. We suggest the best brands based on your budgetary constraints. • Consistency: We understand that the laptops need to be well-matched, including the speed, performance, technology, storage, and other functionalities to eliminate any possible bias in the classroom. We see to it that the homogeneity is maintained in the entire tech equipment just so no questions arise on any sort of favoritism towards specific participants.
  3. 3. • Prompt Service: We aim to set up the computers at the venue within 24 hours with full maintenance and support. • Check out the venues: As a part of setting up the laptops in the good to go condition, we check the venues for any internet failures to avoid last minute surprises. As a pioneer in providing the laptop rental in Dubai, we have a long list of clientele who can vouch for our world-class services. We are just a call away in case you need laptop rental services in Dubai and we ensure that you are good to take off with the training as per schedule. Contact us at +971- 55-5182748 or visit our website for information.