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Problem Statement

  1. 1. The VIT Embedded Design Contest 2013 This is the era of smart phones. And smart phones are nothing without touchscreens and amazing games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, etc.Are you bored of playing with the same smartphone of yours? Ever wished to play with the same thingon gadget made by you?? Then your wait is over! We give you a chance to make such a device yourself. This time, TEC – The Electronics Club of VIT in association with SENSE gives you the opportunity to design your own handheld touchscreen gaming device! Design, play and drive your friends crazy by playing with your own gadget!!!!An initiative byTEC – The Electronics Club, VIT University, Vellore 1
  2. 2. Problem StatementAimThe objective of the participants is to design and build a handheld touchscreen gaming device and playgames on it like Snake, Tetris, etc.The participants have to design the following features of the device:Compulsory FeaturesTouchscreen and LCD: The device should have a touchscreen to sense the touch patterns made by theuser, which should be mounted on an LCD for display purposes. There is no restriction on the type oftouchscreen/LCD used. Note that only the touchscreen and the LCD can be bought readymade from themarket, but the rest of the circuitry should be made by the participants themselves.Additional/Innovative FeaturesAccelerometer: Using secondary input features (along with the touchscreen) like accelerometers willadd to the score. Any other innovative structure for implementing the analog (or any other) function ismost welcome. Rules and RegulationsGeneral Rules Use of pre-built modules is strictly prohibited. All the modules should be self-made. Only the following electronic components are allowed for the design: o Basic ICs (4xxx and 7xxx) o Microcontrollers / Microprocessors (8, 16 or 32-bit). Note: The participants are free to choose any platform to work upon. o Analog ICs like 741 and 555. o Analog/Digital sensors can be used upon prior intimation. o Use of any other IC should be intimated to us. For designing of the circuit, the following options should be used: o The participants may assemble components on breadboards or solder on any general purpose PCB.An initiative byTEC – The Electronics Club, VIT University, Vellore 2
  3. 3. o Assembly on printed circuit boards, specially fabricated by the participants can also be used. Circuit diagram and layout must be shown to the organizers. o Boards from readymade kits can also be used. However, during judgment, preference will be given to those teams which have designed and fabricated their own PCB. Circuit diagram and layout must be shown to the organizers. The software written should be original. Participants can choose any platform (Windows/Mac/Linux) to write the software code. Participants are free to choose any game they like. However, the compatibility of the device over various kinds of games will also be seen during judgement. The teams must adhere to the spirit of healthy competition. Judges reserve the right to disqualify any team indulged in misbehavior. Judges decision shall be final and binding on all. The organizers reserve the right to change the event details at any point of time without the information of the participants. Any changes made will be reflected on the website. It is the sole responsibility of the participants to keep themselves updated with the website.Judging Criteria Judging shall be subjective. Both the compulsory features should be implemented. Implementation of any additional features contains a significant amount of weightage of the total points.Judging shall be done on basis of: The effectiveness of the hardware and software used in solving the problem statement. The simplicity and ease of use of the device. The originality of the ideas implemented. Robustness of the device. Given additional feature and other extra features implemented. Compatibility of the device with various games. (Not just limited to a particular game) Other DetailsRegistration DetailsRegistration Fee: I200 per teamFor registrations, contact: Rajshekhar Solanki, +91 887 065 2624Last Date - Registration: February 01, 2013An initiative byTEC – The Electronics Club, VIT University, Vellore 3
  4. 4. Abstract SubmissionAll the teams that have registered must submit an abstract describing how they plan to approach the problemstatement. The specifications of the major components should also be mentioned. Appropriate sketches may beused. This report should not exceed six pages. A sample format of the abstract is available online soon.Abstract must be submitted online in PDF format to tec.vitvellore@gmail.comLast Date – Abstract Submission: February 14, 2013Eligibility & Team structure This event is open to all the students of VIT University – Vellore and Chennai Campuses. Team strength should not exceed 2. Only the registered teams will be eligible to participate. Teams can also opt for mentor support from either students or faculty. The mentors will be provided by SENSE.Notable TimelinesThe following are the timelines which are supposed to be noted:  Intro Session – January 25, 2013  Registrations – Last Date: February 01, 2013  Abstract Submission – Last Date: February 14, 2013  Mentor Support: February 09-April 10, 2013  Individual Review by Organizers: February 24-March 31, 2012  Final Event: April 12-14, 2013Prizes and AwardsAll the participants taking part in the final event will be provided with participation certificates. The winners (top 3teams) will be provided with exciting prizes and merit certificates.Intro SessionAn Intro Session will be organized by the club so as to give an idea as to how to approach the problem statement. The overallmethodology will be discussed. However, the ideas discussed in the Intro Session will be suggestive only. Participants are freeto implement their own ideas unless it violates the rules of the contest.Intro Session –January 25, 2013ContactsFor more information and details, contactVibhutesh Kumar Singh, +91 890 331 0610For registrations, contactYuvraj Singh Rathore, +91 860 860 8760An initiative byTEC – The Electronics Club, VIT University, Vellore 4