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Carpet Installation Services New York


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Carpet Installation services in New York City. Carpet comes in many textures, colors, and styles. We have variety and quality at one place. Serving Manhattan NY, Queens County NY, New York City.

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Carpet Installation Services New York

  1. 1. Carpet Installation Carpet comes in many textures, colors, and styles.
  2. 2. Carpet Installation Cut and Loop Pile Carpet A textured cut pile has alternating lengths of fibers that help mask footprints and vacuum marks.
  3. 3. Carpet Installation Plush Carpet A formal plush carpet is very soft containing thinner, level fibers. A plush will show nearly every footprint and every vacuum mark.
  4. 4. Carpet Installation Frieze Carpet The yarns in Frieze styles are tightly twisted to create a curly, textured appearance.
  5. 5. Carpet Installation Shag Carpet Shag carpets are a style of fiber based carpeting that feature piles that are somewhat less dense and are composed of longer individual strands than those found in other carpet designs.
  6. 6. Carpet Installation Berber Carpet Berber is any carpet with loops. A standard Berber carpet consists of repeating tightly looped fibers of the same length.
  7. 7. Carpet Installation Wool Carpet Wool being a natural fiber is much more expensive than any other carpet fiber. It's also much softer and durable.
  8. 8. Carpet Installation Commercial Carpet Installation
  9. 9. Carpet Installation Contact Us 888-566-6767