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Streaming to YouTube live with USB, HDMI, RTSP & rtmp


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Streaming to YouTube Live is easier than ever. In this review we take you through the entire YouTube Live and Google Hangouts on Air. This review talks about the major solutions from simply using a USB webcam, to live USB video mixers and streaming with a RTSP or RTMP stream.

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Streaming to YouTube live with USB, HDMI, RTSP & rtmp

  1. 1. Streaming to YouTube Live A HARWARE REVIEW BY USB PROS
  2. 2. What do I need to stream to YouTube Live?  Here’s the good news – It can be very easy… and you have options  A Camera/microphone with USB  A USB Video Mixer with a USB Output  A Video Mixer with RTMP Streaming  A RTSP Streaming camera and a service that coverts RTSP to RTMP  Your Smart Phone
  3. 3. YouTube Live on your Phone  It is possible to stream directly from your Smart Phone  For this presentation we will be reviewing various professional solutions but it’s worth mentioning this application  Just download Google hangouts for your Smart Phone and use “Google Hangouts on Air”
  4. 4. The YouTube Live Creator Hub  Home to the live streaming resources from Google  Tools like YouTube Capture, YouTube Editor, Captions, Free Audio Library, Slideshows, analytics and more
  5. 5. Where to Start?  To start your YouTube Live Stream you first need to schedule your stream in your YouTube Creator Studio  Navigate to the Video Manager and click on the “Live Events Tab”
  6. 6. How to start with a USB Camera/Mic?  This is the easiest solution  You can start by clicking create new live event
  7. 7. Set up the YouTube Live Stream Details  This is the same process you are used to if you have ever uploaded a YouTube Video  Now you will see a new option which is for the time and date of your YouTube Live Stream  You can schedule now which will automatically start your broadcast with your webcam and microphone
  8. 8. Using Google Hangouts on Air  When you choose to do a webcam a microphone live meeting you will be taken to a Google Hangouts Page  From here you can start your broadcast and your video and audio will be live on YouTube Live
  9. 9. Checking out both screens
  10. 10. Pressing the Broadcast Button “Go Live”  When you click start broadcast you will be notified that you can broadcast for up to 8 hours  This is the perfect length for an entire day concert, a full class day or other all day events
  11. 11. Screen Sharing  Screen sharing capabilities turn the YouTube live experience into a more powerful tool by allowing you to share any screen or window on your desktop
  12. 12. Some things we noticed  There can be a 10-30 second delay in the video broadcast which is not an issue with one way communication normally  You can easily invite hundreds of users (We tested at a local live broadcasted event)
  13. 13. Embedding your Live Stream  Once your live stream is scheduled you will have your own YouTube page just like a YouTube video  It will show a countdown to your live stream and you can embed that video into your website.
  14. 14. How to start with a USB Video Mixer  This process is almost the same as the previous USB webcam/microphone solution because the computer will be connected in the same way  USB Video Mixers can incorporate HDMI and HD-SDI cameras and traditional XLR and ¼” Audio Inputs
  15. 15. How to start with a RTMP Video Stream  This process requires a simple RTMP Server set up  RTMP capable streaming servers are convient because they only require internet access to stream your entire video production to YouTube Live  This set up is slightly different so we will walk you through the steps
  16. 16. Select a Custom Stream
  17. 17. Select Advanced Settings
  18. 18. Select your bit rate (Resolution)
  19. 19. Take down your RTMP Streaming Credentials
  20. 20. Sending your RTMP Stream to YouTube Live  At this point you can enter your RTMP streaming credentials into your system  For the Epiphan Pearl this is really easy  Simply log-in to your Control Interface in any web browser (preferable Google Chrome) and enter the info from YouTube Live
  21. 21. Confirm your stream is live in the “Live Control Room”
  22. 22. You should see a “GOOD” status 
  23. 23. Let’s watch an overview video  Next Slide
  24. 24. For more on YouTube Live Streaming visit  Thanks to our technology Partners!