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PLAYgreen 2011 Event Guide


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PLAYgreen 2011 Event Guide

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PLAYgreen 2011 Event Guide

  1. 1.  |  Friday, February 25, 2011 FESTIVAL Online Event GuideEco- FrEEFriendly Admission! Friday, Feb 25thFun, FoodFashion& Free Stuff 10,000Held at the  Cal  StudentsMartin Luther King Jr. & SupportersStudent Union Over 60 SpOnSOrS Exhibitors & reStaurantS
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  4. 4. MARKETINGCONTESTHEY CAL STUDENTS enterthe Cal Student Store’s“Store that Gives Back”Marketing Contest to wina $500 gift card to ourstore! {good for anelse your heart desires!!!} or anything iPad, Cal Gear, Textbooks,Create a marketing campaign for the Cal Student Storepromoting the message that we are the “store that givesback.” The main message of the campaign should be thatthe Cal Student Store gives back by donating 10% ofevery purchase to the ASUC. Your campaign shouldinclude both traditional media and new, innovative waysof communicating with students.To enter, please e–mail forofficial contest rules+regulations. Contest entries aredue by MARCH 15, 2011.
  5. 5. Table of Contents page 7 How We’re Greening the Event page 9 EATgreen page 11 Exhibitors page 13 Sponsors page 15 What We’re Doing to Green Cal Rec Sports page 17 PLA Ygreen FacebookStay Connected:   Playgreen Festival 5
  6. 6. Formal EventsYou bring the fun and we’ll take care of the rest, whether you’re looking for a classicformal event or something more spectacular, we’ve got you covered. Experienced staff,7 event/meeting rooms; Many rooms connecting to one or more rooms. Total squarefootage: 8,200; Theater capacity: 280; Classroom capacity:120; Reception capacity:350; Dining capacity: 250. Hors d’oeuvres, to Banquet, to Full Dinner Service Newly remodeled accomodations Recorded Music/DJ, to Live Bands (and Sound System) Luxurious Indoor Swimming Pool Assistance w/Special Decor & Themed Entertainment Access to UCB Fitness Center Newly remodeled accomodations for overnight guests Fine Dining Restaurant Spa & Hair Services and Dressing Room Fine Arts Daily and weekly rates are available Free WiFi Berkeley City Club, 2315 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704 510.848.7800
  7. 7. PLAYgreen Festival Green Event Plan Zero Waste—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Reduce—We will offer paperless promotional methods to all exhibitors and sponsors, including an online event guide. Reuse—We’re going paperless wherever possible and using signs made from 100% recycled aluminum. Recycle—PLAYgreen Festival will be outfitted with recycling stations, including trash, compost, and recycling bins, throughout the event. Signage will be strategically placed near each recycling station and throughout the facility. Sustainable Transportation No Idling Rule—During load-in/out, trucks and cars will have designated parking at specified times to avoid idling and promote cleaner air. Public Transportation—The link to’s Trip Planner ( will be provided on the event website so attendees can find the best method of public transportation to get them to the event. EATgreen—The Natural, Organic and Sustainable Way Compost—Compost bins will be easily accessible both for participating restaurants and attendees. Biodegradable—We will provide biodegradable spudware at PLAYgreen Festival’s EATgreen. Styrofoam Free—The PLAYgreen Festival will be a Styrofoam Free event! Reducing PLAYgreen Festival’s Climate Footprint Support the Locals—To support the Buy Local Berkeley campaign, we are inviting locally owned and operated businesses to be a part of PLAYgreen Festival. Reducing Event Size—We’ve reduced the number of exhibitors at the event and have concentrated our efforts on maximizing the engagement with a core group of campus and community partners.Stay Connected:   Playgreen Festival 7
  8. 8. Apple @ PlayGreen Festival February 25, 2011Better products. Smaller impact. The Cal Student Store proudly offers Apple educational discounts. Stop by today!
  9. 9. EATgreen Touch, Taste and Experience cuisine from local, sustainable Bay Area Restaurants Only $5 12:00–2:00pm Complete schedule and line-up available at the PLAYgreen Festival websiteStay Connected:   Playgreen Festival 9
  10. 10. PLAYgreen Festival ExhibiTORS Campus & Student Groups Alta Gracia Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry BYOG—Build Your Own Garment Berkeley Student Food Collective Berkeley Quidditch League Chinook Book Cal Corps Public Service Center EBMUD Cal Environment Team Eco-Vegans Cal Habitat for Humanity Farm Fresh To You CalSol Food and Water Watch Green Campus Groove Yoga Green Dot I Heart Tap Water Honest Tea Parking and Transportation Laundry Locker Residential Sustainability Program (RSP) Mary’s Gone Crackers ReUSE—The Exchange Peace Corp The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Saturn Café The Local San Francisco Soup Company UC ARMY ROTC UC Berkeley Office of Sustainability Tesla Motors Cal Rec Sports—Cal Adventures Whole Foods Market—Berkeley Cal Rec Sports—Fitness Zim Ride Cal Rec Sports—Massage Cal Rec Sports—Membership Complete Exhibitor listing available at the PLAYgreen Festival websiteStay Connected:   Playgreen Festival 11
  11. 11. need a car? borrow ours.get $25 in FREE driving when you join for $25. join at and use promo code oldyeller25 you only need to be 18+ to join.
  12. 12. PLAYgreen Festival brought to you by with support from the following sponsors University Complete Sponsor listing available at the PLAYgreen Festival websiteStay Connected:   Playgreen Festival 13
  13. 13. WhAT WE ARE DOinG »» Upgraded RSF lights to high efficiency, high output fluorescent lamps and transformers which will remove 132,000 pounds of CO2 from the air and save 252,000 KW hours of electricity annually.»» Installed energy-saving Carbon Monoxide sensors to control six exhaust fans in the garage, saving $17,000 each year and the equivalent of the electricity used in about 14 homes per year.»» Switched to Vaska, an eco-friendly detergent, requiring fewer rinse cycles for the 13,000 towels washed per week at RSF. Estimated to reduce water consumption by 400,000 gallons of water per year.»» Upgraded all 70 RSF showers to low flow shower heads that use 30% less water.
  14. 14. to Green Cal Rec Sports »» Installed synthetic turf at Underhill Field using rubber pellets and a drain mat made from recycled truck and car tires. Using an artificial field eliminates herbicide use and reduces water use. »» We’re now using zero-emission electric trucks to avoid Greenhouse gas emissions on the 90 trips per month for WorkFit’s mobile workouts. »» RSF electricity use has been reduced to 17.2% below 1989/90 levels. »» Employed goats to clear 5 acres of brush behind the Golden Bear Rec Center to create an eco- friendly fire break, saving $1300 with nearly zero- emissions.Stay Connected:   Playgreen Festival 15
  15. 15. PLAYgreen Join us in our commitment to reduce human impact on the environment by using bicycles as ourSTUDYgreen primary mode of transport. As you enjoy everyday bike riding, you inspire others to make a similar commitment.COMMUTEgreenOur repair shop encourages reuse& recycling with affordable repair services.Our loaner tools roomensures that sustainability is affordable to everystudent budget… with free equipmentresources available to do-it-yourselfers. Bicycle Commuting 101 Bicycle Commuting 101 20% Off • Helmet Any brand • Front Light Cateye EL-135 • Fenders Planet Bike Hardcore • U-lock Kryptonite Evolution Mini LS • 2-1/2 ft cable (for securing front wheel) • Rear Rack Planet Bike Eco Aluminum • Rear Light Planet Bike 3018-1 Blinky 5 Present this PLAYgreen coupon for green commuter savings! Expires 4/30/2011 MISSINGLINK BICYCLE COOPERATIVE Worker-owned co-op businesses promote sustainable, locally-controlled economies. Support our local, green economy!1988 Shattuck (at University Ave)
  16. 16. PLAYgreen is on Facebook! Join today! Find the latest tips and resources on how to play, work and live a greener lifestyle!Stay Connected:   Playgreen Festival 17
  17. 17. WiNNer of The pULiTzer prize WriT TeN by LyNN NoT TAge DireCTeD by LiesL Tommy Now–April 10 · Tickets $29+ · Under 30? ½-price! Call 510 647-2949 · Click berkeleyrep.orgAt Berkeley Rep our Green Committee advances our agenda for responsible environmentalbehavior. We promote mass transit, ridesharing and carpooling among audiences. Ouraudiences recycle and compost at the Theatre. We now compost four yards a week and recyclemore than ever. We’ve replaced many incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents or leds.We use fsc lumber in our scene shop. Check us out at season sponsors
  18. 18. ree h. el F res Fe e F ToBSUSTAINABILITY EFFORTSAT MAOZ VEGETARIANMaoz Vegetarian™ is committed to an environmentally friendlyapproach to business and support of the green building initiative.This is why our ceramic tiles contain recycled materials, require littlemaintenance, contain no VOC’s, and are sustainable with a long lifecycle. In addtion, we are working with the city of Berkeley to reduce theamount of trash we generate and be more green. COMPOST RECYCLE TRASH ECO-FRIENDLY RESPONSIBLE PRODUCTION2395 TELEGRAPH AVE BERKELEY, CA 94704 TEL. 510.356.4090 FAX. 510.356.4091SUN-WED 11AM- 10PM THU-SAT 11AM-11PM WWW.MAOZUSA.COM
  19. 19. 6.25”
  20. 20. Distributed by Clif Bar & Company, Emeryville, CA 94608 • 1-800-CLIFBAR M-F 8-5 PST© 2010 Clif Bar & Company. CLIF BAR, BUILDER’S and MOJO are trademarks of Clif Bar & Company
  21. 21. Saving More by Using Less. Deals: CREAM- buy 5 ice cream sandwiches, get 1 free buy 1 milkshake and get the 2nd 50% off Amplify Hair Studio- 2 haircuts (for 2 people at once) for the price of 1! La Burrita- FREE drink for orders over $5 We reduce waste by eliminating coupons!Download the eco-friendly app now for these deals and many more!
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  23. 23. PLAY GREEN. LIVE GREEN. Help us make UC Berkeley and the planet a better place to live!Textbook Recycling Clothing & Supplies Caring about cartonsRent-A-Text, buying and selling We stock a wide range of Cartons from our shippingused textbooks helps reduce the environmentally responsible facilities are reused and sentreliance on natural resources. apparel and school supplies. back out. Boxes that are pastWe send books that are no We’re a member of the Fair their prime are shredded andlonger being used to schools in Labor Association, dedicated turned into packing materials.developing countries. to ending sweatshop conditions worldwide Find us on Facebook
  24. 24. Make a Difference!It’s as easy as shopping, visiting a museum, or dining at “Buy, Discover, and Visit” @ Your gateway to all things Cal! Support social responsibility and sustainability!  Buy only officially li- censed “Cal” logoed mer- chandise to ensure they are produced in accord- ance with the University of California Code of Conduct for Trademark Licensees  Dine at campus restau- rants which carry organi- cally grown, sustainable produce  Participate in public ser- vice activities Links and information are available at Cal Marketplace. Visit us at PLAYgreen to learn more about the campus’ socially responsible activities and programs, and for a chance to win prizes! Cal Marketplace is a program of the Office of Marketing & Business Outreach (OMBO).
  25. 25. Is Doing Our Part To…. ~~Ensure a bounty of seafood for this and future generations. ~Support Environmentally responsible fishing and fish farming. ~Increase the demand for ocean friendly seafood. ~Give species in peril a break so that they may recover. Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto 1919 Fourth Street Berkeley, CA 94710 (510) 845-7771
  26. 26. een... Go Gr GRE EN GET Open Free Checking and Get a $100 Cash Bonus! ve Hearst A One Block From Campus! Oxford St University A ve 2350 Shattuck Avenue ELE Y UC BERK Martin Luther Berkeley, CA 94704 510-549-8617 Shattuck Ave Fulton King Jr Way Way Bancroft St Visit us today! ve Durant AA $5 Ownership Share Account is required. Free Checking with E-Statements and Direct Deposit or BillPay are required to receivecash bonus, which is paid the day you open your accounts. Accounts must remain active for 180 days or you will be required to repaythe bonus in full. Minimum deposit is $100. Offer is subject to change without notice. Existing members are not eligible for this offer.
  27. 27. The write thing for theright reasons – right now. Officially Licensed UC Berkeley Vendor Dan Ahern 510.595.5800, X106
  28. 28. Continuing to implement sustainable and progressivebusiness practices to benefit the environment and the community. 100% of wastewater from the stable New LED-backlit LCD area is treated on-site and screen contains no mercury reclaimed through infield and uses 30% - 50% lakes. less energy. e manur 7% of s Over 9 straw avoid soiled ed to and is reus ure. s and Grass clippings are landfill local agricult rt sent for composting for suppo reuse in gardening & agricultural operations.Live Racing NOW through June 12, 2011 1100 Eastshore Highway Berkeley, CA 94710 (510) 559-7300
  29. 29. Go Green withBerkeley Summer Sessions Over 600 courses including: - Geography - City & Regional Planning - Earth & Planetary Science -Environmental Design - Environmental Science, Policy, and Management - Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design - Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology Summer International Travel Study Programs -Study the environment and ecology in Kenya or Costa Rica - Intern with an environmental organization in London or Madrid (Check out tips on traveling green on our website) Berkeley Summer Internship Program -Research existing environmental and social justice movements on university campuses. -Be an outreach representative at sustainability focused events throughout the west coast. -Track green behavior across the globe as it relates to sustainability; provide recommendations for future initiatives. Our staff will help you find the eco-internship you are looking for. b
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  31. 31. © 2009 Coca-Cola, LIVE POSITIVELY, the Contour Bottle and the Sustainability Symbols are trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company Recycling Coca-Cola is proud to be part of UC Berkeleys PLAYgreen Festival. Helps The World Go Round please visit