Tune Hopper Press Release


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Our recent press release for Tune Hopper a new musical iPhone game now avalaible on the App Store.


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Tune Hopper Press Release

  1. 1. TUNE HOPPER PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE"Tune Hopper" is a unique music app with classic game-play meant to fulfill education needsunlike any other app in its category. This game teaches ear training, pitch, harmony, andmusical scales to children through fun addictive game play.December, 2011Austin, TX, USA - December, 2011 - Highly anticipated music puzzle game Tune Hopper is anew music application players will love and it is now available to download on the App Store.DESCRIPTION"Tune Hopper" A fun musical memory game that is simple and addicting for any age. Help Gregplay melodies by hopping on tiles to receive high points and food.Tune Hopper Offers:9 difficulty levels to increase musical memoryRemember sounds to score higher on each levelOne album free with songs and difficulty levelsIn-app purchases for more albums, songs and tile patternsTune Hopper hopes to allow a technology savvy K-12 generation the ability to blend theirenjoyment for entertainment, music, and games with an easy-to-use classic educational app.This game is extremely simple but packs a consistent and powerful dose of musical learning inevery level. Harnessing the value of repetitive fun as a teaching tool, we hope to spark an on-going desire for musical learning in young gamers. This will be fueled by further app releasesfocused on harmony, rhythm, and music improvisation.COMPANY MESSAGETune Hopper is the first app in a game series focused on fun addicting games intended forunderstanding music. In the face of nationwide depreciation in music education, Tune Hopperstands determined to spark interest in learning music within the minds of todays children. Itscreators, Reuel Meditz and Silona Bonewald, have continuously voiced concerns about thepredicament in music education and outline these issues in a brief statement for change.“Entertainment is a huge focus in today’s world. Our education system has becomeincreasingly inactive and outdated with maintaining the interest of its primary audience, kids.This is especially true in the area of art and music. Investing our time in every childs future bygiving them an exciting understanding of the arts, is our way to innovate a path away from thiscurrent dilemma."
  2. 2. PRICING & AVAILABILITYTune Hopper is FREE on the iTunes App Store with options for in-app purchases.Download the game: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tunehopper/id466431933?mt=8#ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONFor additional information about Tune Hopper, including screen-shots, ademo video, and more, please visit http://www.TuneHopper.comVisit our Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tune-Hopper/148740575177417Visit our Youtube: www.youtube.com/tunehopperappCONTACT USReuel Meditz, Co-founderMusician, Designer, Artist and CEO@TuneHopperTel: 512-300-5671Email: reuel@tunehopper.comSilona Bonewald, Co-founderManager, Game designer, Marketing, Producer@SilonaTel: 512-750-9220Email: silona@tunehopper.com