Detox your body naturally by eating healthy and natural foods


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There are many natural foods available to detox your body. In these slides we have explained the detoxing effects of some natural & healthy foods. Detox your liver, kidneys, bladder, digestive tracts and cleanse the colon naturally by eating these foods. Eg: beets, onion, avocados, etc. helps in detox the liver, apple helps to remove accumulated toxins, brazil nuts flushes out mercury, kale to cleanse the kidneys, and last the most important water is needed for all the organs to flush out the toxins.

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Detox your body naturally by eating healthy and natural foods

  1. 1. Natural Detox Foods
  2. 2. Avocados Avocados boosts cleansing power of the liver and also helps the body to repair the damages of the liver.
  3. 3. Apples The soluble fiber Pectin in apple cleanse the intestinal tracts also helps to remove accumulated toxins, food additives and food particles that may be undigested.
  4. 4. Artichokes Artichokes contain caffeoylquinic acids, which are used to treat hepatic disorders because they stimulate bile flow. The role of bile is to emulsify fats and carry toxins and waste from the liver into the small intestine.
  5. 5. Brazil Nuts Brazil Nuts contain high levels of Selenium. Selenium helps in flushing out mercury from our body. Selenium also helps prevent coronary artery disease, liver cirrhosis and cancers.
  6. 6. Beets Beets packed with antioxidants, betaine, betalains, iron, calcium, etc. These helps the liver to get rid of toxins also improves liver function.
  7. 7. Ginger Ginger can prevent hepatic injuries. Combination therapy of ginger and acetaminophen is recommended especially in cases with liver disorders or when high doses of acetaminophen are required.
  8. 8. Kale The nutrients in kale helps to cleanse and detox the kidneys.
  9. 9. Lemongrass It cleanse several organs like liver, kidneys, bladder, and the entire digestive tract.
  10. 10. Onion Sulfur containing compounds in onion helps the liver to detoxify prescription medications, pesticides, etc.
  11. 11. Pineapple The enzyme Bromelain, vitamin C & fibers in pineapple helps in digestion & cleanse the colon, thus digestive system becomes healthy. So pineapple is a natural detox food.
  12. 12. Water Water is important for all the organs to flush out the toxins. Its essential to drink healthy pH rich ionized water as it can stabilize your body pH during an acid reflux.
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