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  1. 1. By Charlotte and Katie<br />maasai<br />
  2. 2. The Maasai<br />The Maasai live in east Africa.<br />They are known for beingherders and warriors.<br />
  3. 3. What they live on.<br /><ul><li>For the Maasai, cattle are what make the good life, and milk and meat are the best foods.
  4. 4. They used to just rely on meat, but now they grow their own crops aswell.
  5. 5. Maasai society is organised into male age-groups whose members together pass through initiations to become warriors, and then elders. They have no chiefs, although each section has a Laibon, or spiritual leader, at its leader</li></li></ul><li>Maasai religion<br /><ul><li>Ngai - god
  6. 6. The Maasai believe in one God, who they call Ngai. Ngai is neither male nor female, but seems to have several different aspects. Ngai is the creator of everything.In the beginning, Ngai (which also means sky) was one with the earth, and owned all the cattle that lived on it. But one day the earth and sky separated, so that Ngai was no longer among men. The cattle, though, needed the material sustenance of grass from the earth, so to prevent them dying Ngai sent down the cattle to the Maasai by means of the aerial roots of the sacred wild fig tree, and told them to look after them. </li></li></ul><li>Maasaitraditions<br />The tribe live in traditional huts in small settlements of 8-15 in each village.<br />They believe a god called Ngai<br /> entrusted the cattle to the maasai <br />people when the earth and the sky<br />split. Wealth is measured by the <br />number of cattle.<br />Children have a ritual of rainmaking<br /> during the drought <br />The maasai unique hair style shows a symbol of their <br />Tradition and culture by wearing plaits it proves <br />Individuality.<br />Did you know…. That the maasai drink cows blood they believe it makes the body stronger and warmer<br />