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Proyecto sobre una tribu. 1º ESO, Social Sciences, Geography and History

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  1. 1. Ana Eva Cobos Valenzuela
  2. 2. 1-Where do they live (in the forest, desert, etc, but also country and continental)? The Maasai are a pastoral people who inhabit the vast plains of the Great Rift Valley (East Africa), between Kenya and Tanzania.
  3. 3. 2-How do they live? The daily life of the Maasai is developed in the village, protected by a strong and thorny fence. The barrel-shaped housing and have been made with interlocking branches, grass and cow dung dry.
  4. 4. They are arranged in a wide circle where the cattle sleep during the night. The village grows all around with spiny pointed stakes, which protect both the Maasai and their herd of hyenas, leopards and lions, always on the lookout.
  5. 5. 3-How is the society organized ? Maasai society is organized in male age groups, whose members must pass initiation rites to be turned into warriors, later in the elderly. No bosses, has a Laibon or spiritual leader.
  6. 6. The work of children is to protect livestock, while women are responsible for milking the animals. Also engaged in sweeping and cleaning the huts when the sun cracks the manure from the ceiling, also look for water, gather firewood and smaller. The serving the rest of the time is spent making up necklaces and headbands with beads.
  7. 7. The number of wives a man depends on his wealth flocks. The price is usually about three cows, two sheep and an ox. A very rich man can have up to 20 women, but few people have more than five. Raising children is a community effort.
  8. 8. 4-What do they EAT ? livestock is what determines the quality of life, meat and milk are the best aliments.Today however also need to cultivate.
  9. 9. Sometimes milk is also accompanied with butter. When one falls ill MAasai, circumcision has been or is exhausted, you are given to drink bull's blood. The Maasai hunt for fun or to protect their livestock, but never to eat .
  10. 10. 5- In what do they believe ? The Maasai religion is monotheistic and austere. The main manifestation of Ngai is the rain. The herb is also sacred and in the circumcision of women spread grass over your head
  11. 11. The bodies usually are left to the mercy of the hospice scavengers.Los remain in the field to be devoured by hyenas. The "laibon" or prophets, are buried under a mound of stones on which devout people throw a pebble in passing. The dead are never mentioned
  12. 12. 6-What problemas do they face ? One of the most immediate threast to the Maasai comes from game hunter in the Loliondo region of northern Tanzania. Here, Maasai villages have been burnt to the ground by the authorities, and thousands have brutally evicted to provide a company, Otterlo Business Corporation Ltd (OBC), with more access to land for game hunting.
  13. 13. Bibliographies