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What is a Computer on Module?


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Embedded devices are used across many industrial applications such as industrial automation, retail PoS, communications, robotics, defence systems, access control systems etc. Unlike those of consumer electronics products, the lifecycle of most embedded devices ranges around 7-10 years and the sales volume is limited. The long product lifecycle and limited market presence creates significant challenges for the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Computer Modules come to rescue here and empower the OEMs to focus on their value like the <a>design</a> and development of the end product application. Computer on Modules provide the benefits of faster time to market, reduced development time & cost, and easy migration to future technologies.

This infographic from Toradex explains the concept of COMs and where they can be used. For more information on Computer on Modules, please visit us at

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What is a Computer on Module?

  1. 1. Medical & Healthcare What is a COM? A highly integrated, miniaturized embedded computing solution that can be used to develop end-products for diverse industry applications Shorter time-to-market by using proven solutions Why use a COM? Easy migration to future technologies Leverage Economies of Scale Reduced technical complexity and risk Retail Devices Laboratory, Test & MeasurementRobotics & Industrial Automation Energy & Power Communications Logistics & Transportation Computer -On- Module Who uses a COM? - + Automotive & Infotainment