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EverString + DialSource - Smart Selling Tools Webinar


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The Importance of Data & Targeting for Modern Sales Teams.
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EverString + DialSource - Smart Selling Tools Webinar

  1. 1. POST-CALL AUTOMATION Trigger the completion of any post-call task or start a new cadence with just one click. NATIVE REPORTING Drive sales and service transformations by increasing the capabilities of native Salesforce reports & Salesforce Einstein DYNAMIC SCREEN-POP Improve customer experience by automatically displaying the callers open case, opportunity or salesforce contact record before your rep picks up the phone. INBOUND CALL ROUTING Route inbound sales and service calls to the correct rep based on active opportunities or cases. NATIVE APPLICATION Keep teams working within the World’s Top CRM Platforms CARRIER-GRADE TELEPHONY A Tier-One Global Network designed to deliver superior call-quality at enterprise scale OUTBOUND CALLING MODES Accelerate the calling process beyond just click to call with dynamic campaign and cadence capabilities. DialSource Denali: Sales Acceleration from Lead to Revenue CALL RECORDING Capture stereo call recordings and log them directly into Salesforce while maintaining compliance and encryption based on your specific region or industry regulations.
  2. 2. Tim Harris Director of Marketing, DialSource What is the easiest way to empower a sales organization?
  3. 3. The best way for marketers to empower a sales organization is to identify and attract companies that need and want your solution. Everstring gives sales & marketing the intelligence needed to better identify and understand who you should be talking to while uncovering insights around how your solution will support their organization. WHY EVERSTRING?
  4. 4. DialSource & Everstring: Driving Growth with Laser Focus EVERSTRING SOLUTION ● Develop a new model based on ICP ● Filter target companies based on software usage, firmographics and intent. ● Account and contact targeting to build a smarter marketing & sales system. ● Supported the development of a tiered ABM strategy. ● Identified and qualified our key 100 accounts beyond standard firmographic data points. ● Increased the value of Pardot and digital inbound channels such as Drift ● Gained further insight into our ICP and enabled a more intimate, context heavy engagement with key accounts within our ABM programs. OUTCOMES THE CHALLENGE ● Improving the quality of leads being worked on by SDR’s ● SDR’s spending too much time self prospecting. ● Self-prospecting did not align with ICP ● Targeting strategy did not include key information aligned to ICP EverString data has enabled our team to focus on the right accounts. It has empowered us to spend less time researching/prospecting unqualified leads and more time closing deals. CUSTOMER RESULTS
  5. 5. How to use Modern Data to surface and target accounts that are both high-fit and in-market. The Importance of Data & Targeting for Modern Sales Teams +