deficiencies functions sources introduction structure of proteins regulation of blood sugar bad fats good fats proteins girdles bones frog skeletal system treppe tonus tetanus summmation rigor mortis oxygen debt cori cycle and muscle relaxation. muscle fatigue mechanism of muscle contraction non striated and cardiac. ultra structure of stria types of muscles: striated muscle physiology types of proteins fibrous and globular structure tertiary and quaternary structure secondary primary bad proteins good proteins types of carbs bad carbs good carbs carbohydrates related health problems importance of fats types of fats based on structure sources of fat fats vitamins and mineral deficiency chart structure of fats bad carbohydrates good carbohydrates functions of food body mass index vitamin defieciencies types of carbohydrates nutritional disorders vitamins (sources and deficiency disorders) minerals (ca lipids nutritional requirements – carbohydr heterotrophy. types of nutrition – autotrophy continous conduction all or none law saltatory conduction alzheimer disease parkinson schizophrenia dementia neural disorders eeg brain waves synaptic transmission nerve impulse conduction types of neurons structure of neurons neurons nervous system peripheral nervous system cental nervous system neurophysiology
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