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Developing Podcasts To Assist Students With The Production Of A Professional Online Presence - Project Introduction


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This presentation, used as part of the Higher Education Academy Changing The Learning Landscape project, introduces plans to create a series of podcasts to help students looking to develop their own Professional Online Presence. The purpose of the Professional Online Presence is for students to present their skills online in a professional manner across a variety of sites showing employers what they can do.

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Developing Podcasts To Assist Students With The Production Of A Professional Online Presence - Project Introduction

  1. 1. Developing Podcasts To Assist Students With The Production Of A Professional Online Presence HEA Changing The Learning Landscape
  2. 2. My Background Dr. Thomas Lancaster Senior Lecturer in Computing at Birmingham City University Leader of Innovations in Computing Education Group Programme Leader Computer Science Teach students about Professional Online Presences and employability Have organised and presented several HEA workshops and published research on the subject
  3. 3. Current employers are very interested in the wide range of sites that students use to present themselves online Their “professional online presence” This can include both directed sites (such as a personal website or a LinkedIn profile) and unorganised sites (such as Facebook) Students need to be encouraged to present a positive view and portfolio about themselves online Many academics are not ready to provide this, which is something that I hope to help with as part of this funded project 3 My View
  4. 4. The HEA have funded this project to develop a series of eight podcasts to train students on issues related to Professional Online Presences The podcasts are to be based on eight existing sets of slides (Open Educational Resources) which I have prepared, so this is largely repurposing 4 The Funding
  5. 5. 8 Sessions Of Material Available From The HEA: 1. Overview (The Internet and its role in employability) 2. Preparation (Claiming identities and preparing profiles) 3. LinkedIn (Using LinkedIn for marketing) 4. Facebook (Preparing Facebook accounts for public consumption) 5. Video (Using YouTube for self-promotion) 6. Web Sites (How to produce a personal web site) 7. Promotion (Making full use of the social media opportunities) 8. Advanced (Monitoring sites and demonstrating expertise) 5 Existing Resources Available
  6. 6. 6 Example – Session One
  7. 7. _BCU 7 Resources Available At…
  8. 8. The personal challenge (and benefit) is a lack of experience creating podcasts I intend to explore a balance between best practices, achievability and the typical academic “lack of budget” Repurposing existing resources is useful, but they may not be presented in the best way for podcast use (and some updates will be needed) A particular challenge with this material will be working out how to change a visual format into an audible one 8 The Challenge
  9. 9. A blog has been prepared to track developments and progress at: pe The hope is that the main site will eventually archive materials and information related to the wider Professional Online Presences area My own details and my Professional Online Presence can be found at: 9 Follow Along