Maya Spa -- Ayurveda Spa at The Zuri Hotels


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The signature brand of Spa by Zuri – Maya SPA is a complete wellness and health destination. One of the finest and most holistic spas in the country Maya Spa is one of the largest SPA’s in the southern India and also amongst the best in the country. With a range of fitness facilities and fully equipped gym incorporating elements of design to achieve the full potential of body and mind. The Maya Spa at Kumarakom has been the recipient of the ASIA SPA AWARD – Best Resort Spa in India, 2007 and 2008 and also boasts the distinction of being Recommended by Condé Nast Johansens.

Maya Spa -- Ayurveda Spa at The Zuri Hotels

  1. 1. Zuri Hotels & Resorts THE AYURVEDA SPA Ayur = “Life” Veda = “Science”
  2. 2. TOUCH OF BLISS The healing hands of Love & Compassion Caring for comforts
  3. 3. AYURVEDA TREATMENT • • • • • • • • Abhyangam Shirodhara Njavar Kizhi Pizhichil – Medicated Oil Bath Udwarthanam Nasyam Kateevasti Panchakarma
  4. 4. ABHYANGAM The massage involves generously covering the person in oil and then using even, gentle movements to rub the oil deeply into the body. This traditional massage is also called as “Kerala Ayurveda Massage”. The massage is done in a soft rhythmic way with one or two persons massaging at the same time for forty five to sixty minutes. Abhyanga massage is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating experience in addition to treating certain diseases. BENEFITS OF ABHYANGAM Nourishes The Body Extends The Life Span Provides Good Sleep  Enhance The Skin Texture  Improves The Vision Provides Better Physical Stability
  5. 5. SHIRODHARA Shirodhara as the name suggests in its combining two different terms meaning head (Shira) and flow (Dhara) is an Ayurvedic head massage with natural herbal oils and ointments. This external medication is administered on the head, neck and shoulders as a part of Panchakarma treatment which is an Ayurvedic treatment for detoxification of the body from harmful toxic substances. BENEFITS OF SHIRODHARA Improves Sleep Improves Memory  Calms the Nervous System Enhances blood circulation to the brain Nourishes hair and scalp Relieves fatigue, tension, anxiety, anger, chronic headaches, hypertension, asthma Improves concentration
  6. 6. NJAVAR KIZHI Njavarakizhi (shashtikashali pinda swedam) Njavara in Malayalam stands for the rice that grows in 60 days; Kizhi stands for bolus. Njavara is indigenous variety of rice grown in Kerala, having medicinal properties. It is a procedure by which the whole body or any specific part is made to perspire , by the application of certain medicinal drugs with Njavara rice puddings externally in the form of boluses tied up in a muslin bag. BENEFITS OF NJAVAR KIZHI Promotes sound sleep Boosts immune system and slows the aging process Enhances body nourishment and rejuvenates Improves luster and texture of the skin Sharpens the sense organs Strengthens and nourishes the nervous system
  7. 7. PIZHICHIL – MEDICATED OIL BATH Pizhichil means squeezing. Pizhichil is the process where cotton cloth pieces are dipped in warm medicated oil and squeezed onto the patients body. Here the patient is smeared with appropriate medicated oils on the body and head. Pizhichil is an excellent remedy for best relaxation BENEFITS OF PIZHICHIL Ailments Of Nervous Weakness Sexual Weakness Hypertension Vata Imbalances Limbs Emaciation
  8. 8. UDWARTHANAM Udwarthanam is special therapeutic deep tissue massage using herbal powders. Udwarthanam means to elevate or to promote. This massage involves upward stroking, where the powder is rubbed forcibly on the body. The herbal powder is warmed by heating. The massage is done in the opposite direction to hair follicles by two therapists. After completion the person is advised to take rest for 30 minutes, followed by a shower with warm water. BENEFITS OF UDWARTHANAM Pacifies the aggravated Kapha dosha Reduces the excess fat accumulated in the subcutaneous tissues Improves mobility of joints Strengthens and tones up the muscles Tones up the skin and muscles after the child birth Reduces the blood cholesterol
  9. 9. NASYAM A therapeutic treatment for the nose, throat, sinuses and head. The face, shoulders and chest are massaged with specific herbal oil and made to perspire. The Herbal extracts/herbal oil in exact doze is measured and instilled into the nostrils, while inhaling. After this process, the area around the nose, chest, palms and foot are massaged vigorously. BENEFITS OF NASYA Helps in the proper and healthy growth of hair. Protects the person from diseases linked to head (urdhwanga) Reduces the process of aging
  10. 10. KATEEVASTI It is a process in which a ring of gram paste is made over the lumbar region and warm medicated oils are poured in it. The oil is maintained at a particular temperature. BENEFITS OF KATEEVASTI Low Backpain Sciatica Slip disc Lumbar Spondylosis Numbness in legs Sacralization of vertebrae Spondylolesthesis
  11. 11. PANCHAKARMA • In Sanskrit, panchakarma means “the five actions” (pancha=five and karma=action), referring to the five different cleansing and rejuvenating procedures(Vamana,Virechan,Nasya,Basti,Rakhtmokshan). Panchkarma is the purification and detoxification measure of Vata, Pitta, Kapha ie. Agrrivated doshas (toxins)comprising five cleansing procedures in the body. BENEFITS OF PANCHKARMA Balances the bodily Humour Vata, Petta and Kapha. Improves Immunity. Balance the Nervous system, Blood circulatory system, Digestive system and Physiological equilibrium. Remove the Toxins situated at the week point of body. Increases skin glow.
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