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Questionnaire results


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Questionnaire results

  1. 1. Questionnaire Results<br /><ul><li>Most favourite genre</li></ul>From the 25 people that done my questionnaire, the majority of the people selected “RnB/Hip-Hop” as their favourite music genre. Therefore I will be aiming at that audience when making my music magazine.<br /><ul><li>Most favoured font
  2. 2. A)ABCB) □ABCC) □ABC
  3. 3. D) □ ABCE) □ABCF) □ABC</li></ul>It was a close call but most people chose option E as their most appealing font. So I will be using that font as much as possible within my magazine.<br /><ul><li>Most favoured topics to read in music magazines</li></ul>This question was about what people like to read about in music magazines. Most people like to read chose “new and upcoming artists”. Due to this result, I will be doing an article on a new artist and interview them.<br /><ul><li>Most favoured colour scheme</li></ul>Most people chose the purple, white and black colour scheme. I will be using this colour scheme within the title and layout of my magazine.<br /><ul><li>What first attracts reader to the magazine</li></ul>The majority of the people that answered my questionnaire selected the main image as to what catches their eyes first when they first see a front cover of a magazine. Therefore, for my magazine, I’ll make the main image stand out more.<br /><ul><li>Most favoured music magazine
  4. 4. Most people didn’t have a favourite magazine mostly because the people don’t buy any. But 8 people said they like Top of The Pops magazine as their favourite. So this gives me an idea of what people like.
  5. 5. Most favoured facial expression</li></ul>Most people chose C as their favourite pose. Therefore I’ll get my models to do a similar pose for the front cover and also use option F’s pose because it was a close vote.<br />