Faraona Arrostito (Roasted Chicken)


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This young chicken (or game hen) is marinated over night, seared over a hot stove, then roasted in the oven. A signature dish at La Romanza Bistro Italiano in Seattle, it's tender, juicy and beautiful!

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Faraona Arrostito (Roasted Chicken)

  1. 1. RECIPE Faraona Arrostito (Roasted Chicken) Prep: 1 hr | Serves: 4 This young chicken (or game hen) is marinated over night, seared over the stove, then roasted in the oven. It’s tender, juicy and beautiful! RECIPE VIDEO
  2. 2. INGREDIENTSFor the Chicken Parmesan Bruschetta• 2 Young Chickens about 12 oz/ each (can • 4 Slices of French Bread also use game hens) • 2 Fresh Garlic Cloves• ½-1 Cup of Chicken Broth • 2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil• 3 Teaspoons Garlic • ¼ Cup Parmesan Cheese (Finely Grated)• 2 Sprigs Fresh Rosemary• 4 Fresh Lemons• 2 Tablespoons Parsley (finely chopped)• 2 Med. Sized Carrots (sliced)• 2 Stalks Celery (sliced)• 1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil• 2 Teaspoons Butter• Salt and Pepper
  3. 3. {STEP 1 } Marinate the YoungChicken or Game Hen
  4. 4. {STEP 1} Marinate Chicken or Game HenWash chickens in cold water (remove innards), scrub skinand pat dry.With a sharp chef’s knife, cut the chicken vertically down thecenter of the breast, so it will lay flat in the pan when seared.Spine should stay in tact. Remove excess fat.Rub chickens with a generous amount of garlic, olive oil, salt,pepper and rosemary.Place each chicken in a zip lock bag, add the fresh lemonjuice from 2 lemons and put the rinds in the bag. Close thezip lock bag and massage the oil, lemon and spices into thechicken.Refrigerate overnight.
  5. 5. { STEP 2 } Sear and BakeWhile chicken is baking, prepare Parmesan Bruschetta. Simply rub the freshpeeled and cut end of a garlic clove directly onto both sides of sliced Frenchbread. Then, dredge bread first in olive oil, then in parmesan. Place on rack inoven and bake with chicken for about 10 minutes (until crisp and golden brown).Watch the video to see how we do it!
  6. 6. {STEP 2} Sear and BakePre-heat oven to 400 degrees.Using cast iron skillet or heavy oven proof pan, set heatto medium high. Cover skillet generously with olive oil.Sear chicken, breast side down for 8 minutes. Then flip itover and sear for another 5 minutes, or so, until goldenbrown.To the pan, add the carrots and celery, juices from thezip lock bag, the juice and rinds from 2 fresh lemons andwarm chicken broth.Bake for 20 minutes in hot oven, until vegetables aretender and chicken measures 165 degrees.
  7. 7. {STEP 3 }Prepare Reduction Sauce and Serve!
  8. 8. {STEP 3} Prepare Reduction Sauce and Serve!When chicken is cooked thoroughly, remove chickensfrom pan and set aside.Heat a medium sized sauté pan and coat with olive oilplus 1 teaspoon fresh chopped garlic.When garlic begins to sizzle, pour liquid andvegetables from roasting pan, into sauté pan. Addbutter and reduce liquid over high heat by swirlingsaucepan in a circular motion over the burner untilthickened.Place brushetta on serving platter, put chickens on top RECIPE VIDEOof bruschetta, and drizzle reduction sauce andvegetables over the chicken. Serve!
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