10 cost effective internet marketing ideas


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10 cost effective internet marketing ideas

  1. 1. 10 Cost-Effective Internet Marketing IdeasWhen the cost of Google Adwords and other forms of paid search advertising continues to riseby the day, and tying strong return-on-investment (ROI) to any marketing expense is mandatory,we think it’s time you have a few “freebies” to tap into as traffic (and potential client) streams.Enjoy these, on the house!TwitterIf used correctly, Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool. Start out by sending invites to allyour friends, family, and existing clients, and regularly post items that are substantial and pertainto real estate. You can send out listings updates, open house information, local market trends,community event notifications, or commentary on real estate news. Building up your “tweet list”will drive traffic to your blog, site, or both if you keep relevant links to them interspersed in yourtweets.FacebookCreate your personal/professional profile, then set up a Facebook group page for your businessentity. You can configure a list of links on this page, so please do so. Then as with Twitter, sendout invites to all your friends, family, and existing clients. You will be able to have conversionson the group’s Wall, post items like videos, news stories, and pictures, use the discussion board,and create events. Events can be particularly helpful in promoting your open houses, seminars,charity events, or other types of meet-and-greets.CraigslistWith Craigslist it’s very quick and easy to post your listings, so make sure to do so as soon asthey are available. Craigslist users can easily search for the types of properties they are interestedin, so make sure to use interesting, detailed descriptions, catchy images, and enticing marketingcopy in the subject line of the ad you run. You can also post events like any open houses,seminars, charity events, or other types of meet-and-greets you do.
  2. 2. BloggerIt only takes about 5 minutes to set up your free Google account and begin blogging withBlogger, so even if you aren’t ready to be ultra serious about it, why not get some experiencewith it now? Once you’re up and running, start posting and sharing your blog posts with yournetworks on Twitter and Facebook. You can also add links to your blog and/or its posts to yourwebsite, email newsletters, email signature file, and traditional print marketing.iContactFor about $10/month, iContact currently lets you send up to 5 blasts to up to 500 email contacts.Imagine the increases in brand recognition, visits to your website (and other online entities thatyou mention in your messages, and dialogue with existing and potential clients that could occurif you use this platform wisely. The program makes it easy to manage every aspect of your emailmarketing campaign, from template creation to timing each blast for high deliverability.Google KnolUnlike Wikipedia, which seems to have a very harsh editorial review process that can makeadding even non-commercial content nearly impossible, Google Knol is a great place todemonstrate your authority as a real estate professional in your local market. Simply think upsome common questions your clients have about your particular market, and then see what is inGoogle Knol. If it’s not there, then add it in the most descriptive and eloquent way possible. Anylink you include to relevant resources on your website will be nullified for SEO purposes, butyou still could get valuable traffic to the website that way if your post is effective.AnyviteForget about Evite, Anyvite is much simpler to use when promoting and tracking anticipatedparticipation in your open houses, speaking engagements, and other types of meet-and-greets. Itliterally takes minutes to set up your first event, and the interface makes it easy to manage youremail contacts into groups.
  3. 3. YouTubeWho doesn’t like videos? Whether you have your own videos produced or not, you should stillcreate a YouTube channel which you can use to select and group videos you find interesting andrelevant to real estate. Here’s a quick tip: make playlists based upon the differnet kinds of clientsyou take on (such as buyers, sellers, and investors) and then fill those playlists with how-tovideos that you find on YouTube that answer common questions those types of clients mighthave. You can then promote this channel you’ve created on your sites and social profiles!DiggHere’s your open invitation to go read as many interesting real estate and lifestyle related blogsand websites as possible, and assemble a collection of them that you would like to organize andshare with your existing and potential clients. Digg, one of the most popular social bookmarkingsites, is built around the idea that what one person finds interesting another person might alsoreally dig… so find 50 or so sites, articles, videos, and blog posts you enjoy and find relevant toyour market’s real estate or lifestyle and then organize them accordingly for your Diggfollowers.Google AnalyticsLet’s not forget that while website traffic statistics won’t generate visitors on their own, there’sno doubting how powerful knowing what your visitors are doing on your site and where theycome from is. With Google Analytics, you can see precisely what sites your visitors are going toyours from, which can be really helpful in seeing what’s working and what’s not with your socialnetworking efforts on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, etc. So don’t forget to set up thisincredible analytics tool as you’re busy on everything else.Now that you’ve got some low-cost ideas for marketing your real estate business online, youmay want to consider figuring out how to convert your visitors into leads once they get to you.Tagged as: advertising, articles, blogging, business, education, general real estate, google, googleadwords, google analytics, internet, internet marketing, internet-marketing-tips, Link Building,
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