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How semantic search changes recruitment - Glen Cathey


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Presentation by Glen Cathey, SVP Talent Strategy and Innovation at Kforce, at Textkernel's conference Intelligent Machines and the Future of Recruitment on 2 June at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam. At the end of this slide deck, you can also find the YouTube recording.

Without semantic search, recruiters searching for potential candidates only see a fraction of available and relevant results and unknowingly exclude qualified candidates unless they understand and employ advanced methods of manual information retrieval. In this keynote, Glen Cathey will explain how semantic search has specifically impacted recruitment today and how further advancements will impact recruitment in the future.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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How semantic search changes recruitment - Glen Cathey

  1. 1. How Semantic Search Changes Recruitment Glen Cathey SVP Talent Acquisition Strategy and Innovation Kforce
  2. 2. The Challenge Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  3. 3. ​A company's employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product. ​Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  4. 4. ​ I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies. ​- Lawrence Bossidy, former COO GE, CEO AlliedSignal/Honeywell Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  5. 5. Source: Indeed Inbound Recruiting eBook - Inbound vs. Outbound Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  6. 6. Source: The Day Recruiting Died - Recruiting Industry - Died peacefully in its sleep. Lived a wondrous life, creating and filling jobs, inspiring technology and building incredible wealth for many. A true trailblazer. Recruiting Industry was preceded in death by fax machine, land line, yellow and white pages, Rolodex, job board, job posting and ATS. Recruiting Industry is survived by its loving spouse Digital Marketing; children CRM, Social Media, Employment Branding; grandchildren TRM, talent communities, virtual reality and dynamic content. In lieu of flowers please send donations for digital marketing training to recruiters everywhere. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  7. 7. How Likely Is Digital Marketing Going to Work? Job Seeking Status Highly Likely Somewhat Likely Unlikely Highly Unlikely Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  8. 8. Lou Adler - The Recruiting Industry is Facing an Existential Threat: A surplus of talent model designed to weed out the weak will not work when a surplus of talent doesn't exist. Depending on function and demand, 80-90% of all candidates are not looking to change jobs. Regardless, companies spend more time trying to hire the other 10-20% more efficiently. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  9. 9. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  10. 10. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  11. 11. Recruiters are often handling too many requisitions preventing them from performing outbound recruiting Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  12. 12. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  13. 13. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  14. 14. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  15. 15. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  16. 16. The value of human capital data is directly proportional to the ability to quickly, easily and precisely retrieve people who have a high probability of being the right match Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16 Yale University Beinecke Library -
  17. 17. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  18. 18. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  19. 19. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  20. 20. ​ If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing. ​W. Edwards Deming, ​Engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  21. 21. Source: YouTube | Google Analytics in Real Life – Site Search: Cathey | #Intelligence16
  22. 22. UGC Challenges • Job seekers are NOT professional CV writers • Most people still believe 1 page CV's are best • Very few people mention every skill, environment or technology they have experience with • There are many ways of expressing the same skills and experience • Employers often don’t use the same job titles for the same job functions • Candidates don’t create their resumes thinking how you will search for them • Sometimes candidates and employers don’t even use correct terminology Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  23. 23. • Both Kinds • Blind person 20% 80% Viewed Unviewed Where are the "best candidates? Existential Threat Photo: "COSMOS 3D dark matter map" by NASA/ESA/Richard MasseyGlen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  24. 24. 1. Keyword Search 2. Conceptual Search 3. Implicit Search 4. Natural Language/Semantic Search 5. Indirect Search Presented at SourceCon 2010 DC – 5 Levels of Talent Mining: Talent Mining Manual text mining of CV's, social & online content… Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  25. 25. Should we expect recruiters to be information retrieval experts? Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  26. 26. Image: Duncan Hull - Cathey | #Intelligence16
  27. 27. Search in the last decade has moved from give me what I said to give me what I want. Amit Singhal Former SVP | Google Fellow | Head of Google Search Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  28. 28. • Automation of manual search/research processes • Increased inclusion • Exploitation/exploration of Dark Matter • Speed of relevant candidate identification Impact of Semantic Search in Recruitment Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  29. 29. A 3 word user query = 60+ word system query Automation Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  30. 30. Sales ("sales manager" OR "account specialist" OR "account manager" OR "account executive" OR "sales consultant" OR "sales engineer" OR "sales rep" OR "sales representative" OR "sales professional" OR "sales executive" OR "sales leader" OR "business development") Top Performer (winner OR "president's club" OR "of the year" OR highest OR most OR platinum OR presidents OR top OR exceeded OR exceeding OR award OR awards OR awarded OR "top sales" OR "top account" OR ranked OR achieved OR "quarter" or "top producer" OR "top producers" OR "sales records" OR won OR winner) Substation (arcflash OR "arc Flash" OR grid OR transmission OR "power station" OR "power stations" OR "P&C" OR CDEGS OR "Protective Relays" OR "Load Flow" OR "IEC 61850" OR "Transmission Lines" OR MVA OR "Motor Starting" OR Earthing OR "Power Flow" OR "Power System" OR PLS- CADD OR ETAP OR "Single Line Diagrams" OR CYME OR EasyPower") Hadoop (Hadoop OR MapReduce OR MapR OR HDFS OR Pig OR Hive OR HortonWorks OR Yarn OR ZooKeeper OR Hbase OR Cassandra OR Ambari OR Tez OR Mahout OR Cloudera OR Spark OR Avro OR Chukwa) Increased Inclusion Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  31. 31. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Source CV DB w/Semantic Search CV Database LinkedIn Social Internet Research Cold Calling Job Posting Referrals #ofCloselyMatched CandidatesPerHour(x10) Speed of Identification Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  32. 32. Impact of Semantic Search in Recruitment Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16 • Recruiters can learn from "white box" solutions • Lessens need for recruiters to be search experts to effectively leverage the ever-increasing volume of human capital data • Enables recruiters with heavy req loads to perform outbound recruiting, leveraging the deep end of the talent pool
  33. 33. "A search engine cannot reliably surmise the user's intent from a single query." Daniel Tunkelang • Fomer Data Scientist | Head of Query Understanding at LinkedIn • Former Tech Lead at Google, Chief Scientist at Endeca Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  34. 34. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16 Related vs. Relevant
  35. 35. Source: Merriam-Webster: Cathey | #Intelligence16
  36. 36. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  37. 37. Human–computer information retrieval (HCIR) is the study of information retrieval techniques that bring human intelligence into the search process by taking into account the human context, or through a multi-step search process that provides the opportunity for human feedback. "HCIR aims to empower people to explore large-scale information bases but demands that people also take responsibility for this control by expending cognitive and physical energy." – Gary Marchionini HCIR Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16 Source: Wikipedia:
  38. 38. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16 Improved Understanding EMC Resident Provisioned storage for multi-vendor hosts environment from VMAX-1, VMAX 20K, VMAX 40K, and VMAX3 (400K) enterprise storage arrays using Solutions Enabler Command Line Interface and SMC/Unisphere on Cisco MDS 9513 switches with DCNM and Cisco CLI. Performed the initial testing of SRDF/A connection set up between Production site in Windsor, CT and Test/DR site in Lithia Springs, GA. Headed customer’s vBlock SRDF implementation project from SAN side of the network on the existing SRDF infrastructure that used FCIP tunneling through MDS 9222i switches at each side. Performed multi-terabytes of SRDF based migrations for multi-host environment from one VMAX to another within and across data centers. Managed and provisioned SRDF based Replicated Storage between Windsor, CT and Lithia Springs, GA including creation and managing of corresponding target Clone devices. Delivered on knowledge transfer to customer regarding EMC SAN administration using EMC best practices. Occasionally trained customer team members through WebEx or by providing sets of instructions and symcli commands through emails. Managed and provided day-to-day SAN support including usual troubleshooting in SAN environment related to EMC Storage Arrays, CISCO switches, and connected hosts. Documented the VMAX allocations on weekly basis by creating interactive spreadsheets for customer. The details included the storage tickets information, total storage allocated from VMAX’s with an automatic breakdown of storage scoping the individual sites and each VMAX array with or without SRDF replication.
  39. 39. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16 Improved Understanding SAN Engineer I designed, developed and tested numerous storage solutions utilizing Network Appliance and EMC products for the largest enterprise active directory environment in the world (NMCI). Architected and deployed a highly scalable IaaS cloud solution for a 1000+ virtual machine Test/Development environment using VMware vCloud Director. Provided subject matter expertise to consult the client in leveraging a Hybrid cloud solution. Provided subject matter expertise, consulting and leadership to upper management for the architecture, design, and implementation of a multisite Next Generation Datacenter and services. Attended leadership meetings and brief senior management on strategy and phases of the project. Spearheaded the entire virtualization effort.
  40. 40. Improved Understanding Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  41. 41. Beyond keywords - searching for what people have done Noun/Verb Search (SAP OR SD) NEAR (implement* OR config*) Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  42. 42. Natural Language Queries Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  43. 43. Natural Language Queries Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  44. 44. • Futuristic recruiter image
  45. 45. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16
  46. 46. Glen Cathey | #Intelligence16