Learning carrara 8 training course [download]


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Learning carrara 8 training course [download]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Learning Carrara 8 - Training Course[Download]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.0 out of 5Product FeatureReduce learning time by 80%. Learn from aqprofessional trainer from your own desk.Visual training method, offering users increasedqretention and accelerated learning.Breaks even the most complex applications downqinto simplistic stepsIdeal for users who prefer to learn visuallyqEasy to follow step-by-step lessons, ideal for allqRead moreqProduct DescriptionCarrara 8 is a well respected 3D modeling software package from Daz3D. In this Carrara 8 training video,expert instructor Phil Wilkes introduces you to the program starting from the basics of exploring the interface,and then quickly jumping into functional instruction on how to apply the power tools this software has to offer.Taught using the latest in video based training technology, Phil covers topics such as cameras and lightingeffects, rendering, primitives, hair, shaders and more. He also introduces you to the new puppeteering andbullet physics features included in Carrara 8. Once you have all the operations down, you will put it altogetherin a few final projects that re-enforce everything you have learned in the tutorials. By the completion of thisvideo based training course, you will be fully versed in the operation of Carrara 8, and completely comfortableanimating your own figures, and creating your own environments. Work files are included to allow you to followalong with the Carrara tutorials. Read more