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The fifteen-minute quiz conducted during the Induction Ceremony of Thapar University.

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  • Hint: ? This item would be used primarily in the winter of 2014 in Russia.
  • Hint: name of spanish treasure ships, The main currency of Judea as mentioned in the bible, and name derived from King Canute.
  • Ic

    1. 1. Induction Ceremony Quiz Brought to you by Thapar Quizzing Club
    2. 2. Rules • Correct answer  Free chocolate! • Wrong answer  Crushing humiliation. • NO CHORUS ANSWERS. For every chorus answer the quizmaster will sport a smug look while eating two whole chocolates. • This should not need reminding, but for the next few minutes the quizmaster is Our Lord In Heaven.
    3. 3. For tonight, we shall dine with kitkats!
    4. 4. 1. Frederick Pethick-Lawrence is a Labour party MP from Britain, shown here to the right of Gandhi. Why is this photu look uncannily familiar?
    5. 5. Kahin to dekha hai...?
    6. 6. 2. • It’s name literally means “Protector of the Seas”. How and why do we know it’s name now?
    7. 7. • INS Sindhurakshak.
    8. 8. 3. What’s special about this game?
    9. 9. • Edward Snowden
    10. 10. 4. Any Nepalis in the house? • Ncell is the Nepalese subsidiary of a Swedish telecommunications company called TeliaSonera. Apart from being Nepal’s most famous Internet Service Provider, and expanding it’s network coverage to urban and rural areas of Nepal, It achieved a distinction of sorts when it installed a base station for signals somewhere in Nepal. Where did it install this?
    11. 11. • It installed a station on Everest, which means that on the highest point on land, one can get 3G coverage.
    12. 12. 5. Spot the (irony? Coincidence?) What’s blanked out?
    13. 13. Boltception?
    14. 14. 6. • It has been described as a "cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air table.“ • It’s an open source design, meaning anyone is free to use and/or modify it. • It’s earliest version is said to have been discussed by George Medhurst in his book way back in 1812.
    15. 15. 7. Where have you seen this, collectively?
    16. 16. 8. • This Priyanka Chopra film (utterly misleading) releases in August 2013, and has her character "Ishani" flying over the Taj Mahal along with "Dusty". The background music plays "Tere Bina" (composed by A.R.Rahman) from the film "Guru".Which film?
    17. 17. Planes-the movie
    18. 18. 9. • Some of the meanings of the French word "mignon" are "darling", or "dainty", or "pleasing" (you may have heard of the steak cut "filet mignon"). The word, set to have Celtic or German origins, itself gives rise to an English word for a certain type of people, who are never really very important by themselves. The word was made (more) famous film which appeared in 2013. Which word?
    19. 19. 10. Thapar mein kaam aayega • Mexico – “refresco” – (brand of soft drink) • Brazil – ‘cervijinha’ – (small beer) • France/North Africa – un petit cadeu (A little gift) • Malaysia – kopi duit (payment for a small cup of coffee) • India – ?
    20. 20. 11. Who’s that kid?
    21. 21. • Sebastian Vettel.
    22. 22. 12. • The 2nd ODI of India’s tour in 1984 did not get to see Mohinder Amarnath bat due to an abrupt match cancellation. That event also resulted in the calling off of the entire tour. What happened that day?
    23. 23. Hint sil-vous plais?
    24. 24. • The match was interrupted due to the death of Indira Gandhi.
    25. 25. 13. • This here, is Uatu the Watcher, a character in the Marvel superhero universe. His species observes the key events happening in earth, usually relating to the superheroes of Marvel A fan theory states that his human form is played by X, who is often seen appearing in all Marvel movies. • Who is X?
    26. 26. Stan Lee!
    27. 27. 14. Tough one. • Russia's space agency announced in early 2013 that Russian astronauts will take an unusual piece of cargo to the International Space Station later in the year (planned for October). This will be done as part of a longer route involving that item. Some of the astronauts will take that item with them during a special space walk. The item will return a month later and the rest of the route will resume. What item, and why?
    28. 28. • The Olympic torch!
    29. 29. 15. Looks like Nvdia? • "Stop the Cyborgs" is a UK based advocacy group that campaigns against a culture of surveillance and invasion of privacy. They released a couple of 'ban signs' that can be used to communicate that something is prohibited in that area (one of which is shown here). • What are they trying to ban?
    30. 30. • Google Glass.
    31. 31. 16. • The tiny country of Tuvalu’s unique domain name earns $4million each year in royalties from various entertainment websites, because of it’s unique domain name. What?
    32. 32. • Tuvalu’s domain name is .tv!
    33. 33. 17. ID X. An obvious parody of Hotel California, which organization’s theme song is this? On a dark office evening, Sat down in my chair. Sharp smell of stale coffee Circling round in the air. Suddenly on the webpage There came a flickering light. My head grew heavy, and my sight grew dim; I had to stop for the night. There it was in the link list: "Edit page; you'll do well" And I was thinking to myself This could be Heaven or this could be Hell! Then it lit up the quickbar And it showed me the way. There were pages begging for clean-up; I thought I heard them say: Welcome to the Hotel X Such a lovely place So much Knowledge space Plenty of work at the Hotel X Any time of year You can find us here... Its structure's maze-passage twisted; No one knows where it ends. It's got a lot of money mirror sites,That it calls friends. And in the dance of the pages Editors sweat -Some change to remember, Some change to forget. So I chose Contributions,Tell me, what have I done? And it said:This is all that you've been good for, here,since two thousand and one. And still those pages beg changes From far away, Keep you up in the middle of the night Just to hear them say... Welcome to the Hotel X Such a lovely place So much Knowledge space They're typing it in at the Hotel Wikipedia Things that you can do— Revert vandals, too—
    34. 34. • Hotel Wikipedia, It’s theme song.
    35. 35. 18. Gets Thapar all excited. • This word has it’s origins in Arabic which means the ‘effective recipe’ (iksir). This term is commonly used to describe a sweetened drink, sometimes made with vodka, which has one active ingredient for medical purposes, such as curing allergies, fevers etc.. It is to be taken orally. • What word?
    36. 36. • Elixir from the Arabic (Al-ixir)
    37. 37. 19. The exchange rate for this fictional currency was determined by estimating the value of gold used to make these, according to sizes mentioned in the fictional work. What are they?
    38. 38. • Galleons, Sickles and Knuts. These are the fictional currencies in the Harry Potter universe.
    39. 39. 20. Which famous late personality’s US patent?
    40. 40. Michael Jackson!