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Dr Claire Curtis Thomas - Resources & Energy Symposium 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Dr Claire Curtis Thomas - Resources & Energy Symposium 2012

  1. 1. Debunking the fears associated with Shale Gas and Fracking Dr Claire Curtis-Thomas C.Eng FIMechE FIET Companion FIGEM Chief Executive Institution of Gas Engineers and ManagersMay 22nd 2012
  2. 2. Presentation SummaryThe Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers and our roleShale Gas – A UK Energy MiracleGlobal activitiesFear and its antecedentsCoalitions of the concernedMessagesMissionariesGlorious Endings
  3. 3. The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers and our role Established in 1863 Develops Gas Standards Active public engagement used throughout the program world Conducts research delivers Embodies highest training and technical professional standards seminars
  4. 4. IGEM produce trusted technical standards which aredesigned to protect the employee and environmentIGEM works with industry and government bodies to delivercutting edge practice.Standards are circulated to industry for peer review beforepublicationSubject include, safety, transmission, metering, transmissionand distribution
  5. 5. Recommendations of IGEM report Shale Gas: A UK energy miracle Nov 11 • Flow back water to open • Constant seismic and bore pits designed to cope with 1 monitoring after seismic in 300 year rain event activity, specifically for • Extension of existing detection of fugitive Environment Agency remit emissions • Development of an IGEM • Companies need to develop standard which reflects best CRS program which practice resonates with local communities and nowReport based on research, site visits interviews with government agencies, and vestedinterest groups
  6. 6. What’s happening in the UKFracking is a nightmare! Toxic andradioactive water pollution. Tap wateryou can set on fire. Earthquakes.Runaway climate change. To produceexpensive gas that will soon run out. Sowhy are we doing it? Our present systemis addicted to fossil fuels but we arerunning out fast. As a result the system isturning to more and more extrememeasures to feed it’s habit. Welcome tothe world ofextreme energy. Tar Sands,Mountain Top Removal, Deep WaterDrilling, Coal Bed Methane and Shale Gasare all symptoms of this scramble to suckthe last and most difficult to reach dropsout of our planet.
  7. 7. Australia: Country and city unite against fracking May 2012 Jacinta Green, President of Stop CSG Sydney said: “Our group formed in response to learning that a CSG well had been approved in our backyard — St Peters — without even talking to us. “We joined in with what is surely the most diverse display of support for a single issue, the largest social movement Australia has ever seen. Never before have so many people with so many differing opinions and backgrounds agreed on a few simple messages.
  8. 8. Components of fear Fear and protest Confusion and protection Activities response which threaten
  9. 9. Types of Fear Rational Irrational• Rational fears, unlike irrational • Irrational fear, also known as an fears, work with the human fight unhealthy fear or a phobia, is a or flight response to danger. persistent, abnormal, and irrational When a human sees something fear of a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite that it fears then the human mind the awareness and reassurance that will start its instinctive processes it is not dangerous. Phobias can have to prepare the body “to help you a great variety of causes, with the survive a dangerous situation by most common comprising of: preparing you to either run for traumatic events, a combination of your life or fight for your life (thus genetic predisposition mixed with the term "fight or flight"). Fear – environmental and social causes, and the fight-or-flight response in social component[s], or cultural influences, and danger being particular – is an instinct that associated to things and situations every animal possesses” that we cannot prevent or control
  10. 10. The Spectrum of the interested Unequivocal Rational Irrational support Fear Fear Individuals interested by or obsessed with Fracking
  11. 11. We’re very we are veryinterested in Irrational interestedCSG and Public in you …..Fracking and Rational Funders Public General Politicians Public The Policy Developers concerned Press coalition
  12. 12. The right message, the right wayGeneral Rational Irrational Press Politicians PolicyPublic Public Public FormersCredible Regular Publish detailed Regular Regular Regularbalanced communications rebuttal briefings – one briefings – one briefings one onrepresentatives on one on one onePositive Press Positive press Protect Instant response Specific local TechnicalStories stories reputation to technically reports referenced inaccurate story reports linesEducation Credible Local stories, Community Independent balanced nurture interest groups support peer review representationPositive Positive Invite to Consultation InternationalCommunity community technical comparisonspresence presence briefingsConventional Conventional Multi media Multi media Encourage Conventionalmedia Media emphasis on debate - media social network witnesses
  13. 13. Credible messengers?General Rational Irrational Press Politicians PolicyPublic Public Public MakersBalanced Balanced Balanced Head of Head of Head ofcompany company company company policy Company Companyrepresentatives representatives representatives Without exception – ideally all must be good communicators Credible Third party Appropriately Credible Credible academics/credi qualified academics/credi academic/exper ble industry subject ble industry t industry sources specialists sources sources
  14. 14. And finally.. Professional Institutions have a vital role to play in debunking myths. Are you supporting your local Institutions to do a better job? Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers – intelligence led AdvocacyMay 22nd 2012
  15. 15. On behalf of the Institution of GasEngineers and Managers and ourmany Members here in Australia, Iwant to thank you and theorganisers of the resources andenergy symposium for theopportunity of addressing youtoday. Best wishes for your future.