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Towards A New Society


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Towards A New Society: Considers the work of Stiglitz & makes suggestions on a New Irish Society

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Towards A New Society

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONKey concepts - Towards a New SocietyOther societies around the worldWhat kind of society do you wantOur vision for the future
  3. 3. KEY CONCEPTSTowards a New Society How economics shapes Moral Crisis society & individuals What you measure is Community what you and Trust value
  4. 4. HOW ECONOMICS SHAPES SOCIETY & INDIVIDUALS PerceptionSalary Misallocation of scarcest resources Greed The effects of society on peoples choicesFinance Jobs
  5. 5. Moral Crisis No Lobbying Moral Deficitresponsibility Enron, Worldcom, Countrywide
  6. 6. OTHER EXPERTS .… A MORAL CRISIS? Trevino: “good ethics is absolutely essential for effective business practice’’ Einstein: Handy: “we cannot “Truth solve a concealed problem out then of the same capitalism consciousne breaks ss that give down” it birth” Allen: “Facade of neoliberalism cracked by crisis”
  7. 7. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY Individual & Corporate Self interest doesn’t equal societal gain No responsibility for failure
  8. 8. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY –OTHER EXPERTS Friedman: Business has one social responsibility and that is “to use it resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits“Handy: Urgent need todevise a means ofretaining ‘the energyproduced by the oldmodel without its flaws’
  9. 9. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY –OTHER EXPERTSGabriel DArcy, CEO,Bord Na Mona: “only 5%of businesses that werearound 75 years ago, arestill around today and ifBord na Mona wants tocontinue to be one ofthem sustainablepractices needs to beembraced”.
  10. 10. WHAT YOU MEASURE IS WHAT YOU VALUE Current measure of societal performance = GDP…. What about the Environment? What about Health? Between 2000 to 2008 in the USA: GDP : +10% BUT Household Income : -4%
  11. 11. ALTERNATIVE PERFORMANCE MEASURES Median Income Sustainability Health Education Gross National Happiness
  12. 12. GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS (GNH) “Whatever work we do, whatever goals we have – and no matter how these may change in this changing world – ultimately without peace, security and happiness we have nothing. That is the essence of the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Our most important goal is the peace and happiness of our people and the security and sovereignty of the nation.”
  13. 13. COMMUNITY & TRUST ”The glue that holds all relationships together - including the relationship between the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” Brian Tracy
  14. 14. COMMUNITY & TRUST Short sighted governments…
  15. 15. SUMMARY How economics shapes Moral Crisis society & individuals What you measure is Community what you and Trust value
  16. 16. WHAT KIND OF A SOCIETY DO YOU WANT? Denmark Costa Japan Rica What are our options? India Ireland USA
  17. 17. COSTA RICA#1 on the Happy Planet Index!
  18. 18. INDIA#9 in GDP, #115 in GNH
  19. 19. DENMARK World’s Happiest Country in 2011
  20. 20. JAPAN#3 in GDP, #75 in Happy Planet Index
  21. 21. IRELAND#78 in Happy Planet IndexHorses in a field in front of a new house which has been left unfinished in County Leitrim.Leitrim is the worst affected county in Ireland with a housing stock that it is estimated willtake nine years to clear
  22. 22. WHAT KIND OF A SOCIETY DO YOU WANT ? ? How do we How should we take plan for responsibility? scarcity? How do we What restore a sense performance of community & measures trust? should we use?
  24. 24. OUR VISION: A SUSTAINABLE IRISH SOCIETY Energy Secure Food Secure Sustainable Water System Irish Goods, services & systems No to pollution Protect bio-diversity Education for Sustainability Local & national resilience planning
  25. 25. OUR VISION: A RESPONSIBLE SOCIETY Individual responsibility Corporate Education Responsibility Enforcement of Strategic legislation Thinking Ban Corporate Embracing Political Sustainability donations
  26. 26. OUR VISION: COMMUNITY & TRUST Foster Discourse Community Sufficiency Rebuild Trust