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a.k.a. Case Management, Workflow,
Correspondence Handling

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From Paper Pain to Streamlined Satisfaction

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Ciboodle Flow


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Ciboodle Flow, our case and workflow management software, makes it easy for your business and customers to initiate and track all customer service requests.

Whether your case is an incident, a complaint, a quote, an order or a dispute, by providing the right information, at the right time and in the right context to the right person, Ciboodle Flow’s case management software allows the business to take preventative action; the hallmark of differentiated customer service.

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Ciboodle Flow

  1. 1. a.k.a. Case Management, Workflow, Correspondence Handling Process. Streamline. Fulfil. Ciboodle Flow Track Record Is your organisation swimming in a sea of paper? Are you struggling to track customer and business service requests and control SLAs? Are there bottlenecks in your enterprise? • Cut average processing time by 75% With today’s widespread, multichannel organisations, it’s not always possible to solve customer queries and requests in the first interaction. Work may need • Reduced average case to be taken offline and be passed through many different areas of the business. duration by 80% If this isn’t done quickly and effectively, it can become a huge frustration to the customer whose expectations are often that it is ‘just a simple request’. Lengthy • Correspondence handling response times, loss or duplication of tasks and the inability to follow or track a time reduced from 2 days to process triggers a lack of customer confidence and a poor overall engagement 1 hour experience. • Training times lowered by Ciboodle Flow, our case and correspondence handling software, empowers you 33% to proactively and effectively handle customer queries from first contact to case closed. Whether the ‘case’ be an incoming application, claim, complaint, dispute • Reduced complaints to or any other event that needs to be handled through a combination of human industry regulator by 30% tasks and electronic workflow, Ciboodle Flow can help. • Saved $240k via operational Ciboodle Flow systematically organises all associated records into cases, efficiencies in first 6 months grouping content such as scanned documents, images, emails and phone of implementation transcripts, as defined by your business. This system is proven to make cases easy to navigate, information clearer to understand, and resolutions found quickly • Award winner for excellence and effectively. in BPM and Workflow at the International BPM Awards Ciboodle Flow doesn’t just organise, it also circulates work items by pushing tasks to appropriately skilled users or allowing them to be pulled manually. Accessible by anyone, anywhere, at any time - configurable escalations, prioritisation and multichannel service level alerts give you the confidence that the right request is routed to the right person – first time, every time. The Management Dashboard visualises the flow of work across the organisation. For more information please contact: Capacity issues, SLA exceptions and performance graphs are available to the Service Management teams to track actual statistics and intervene proactively. t: +44 (0)141 533 4000 e: Ciboodle Flow boasts flexible integration to your existing legacy assets, ensuring all data, processes and content relevant to the customer request is leveraged – eradicating unnecessary copying and pasting between applications that frustrate staff, increase errors and duplication, and ultimately annoy the customer. “Sword Ciboodle’s advanced case handling capabilities have allowed us to significantly improve the way we manage work across the business. Cases are easier to handle and are closed quicker, meaning interactions are more efficient for us and our customers.” Neil Clitheroe, Customer Service Director, ScottishPower
  2. 2. ?!! arghh ! From Paper Pain to Streamlined Satisfaction Ciboodle Flow Features • User Profile Display highlights assigned cases, backlog, • Worklist organises cases for individuals and groups, SLAs and available resource pools sorting them by priority, subject, status or other custom criteria • Manages case contents like interaction history, activities, images, maps – all associated items • Calendar integration schedules appointments, facilities and tasks • Search Active and Closed cases by content, type, assignment and stage • Integration adaptors leverage existing databases and applications • Management Dashboard visualises workflow through departments, bottlenecks and performance • Flexible work routing provides automatic or manual work distribution based on staff skill, role and availability • Procedural rules assist users through unfamiliar processes “As enterprises begin to understand the importance of integrating end-to-end customer processes, they are turning to solutions with native case handling capabilities that can support unique and flexible process flows like Sword Ciboodle..” Bill Band, Principle Analyst, Forrester Research