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SteerClear Wheel Introduction


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Introducing the SteerClear Wheel. Secure. Connected. Transparent. Safe. The next generation of steering wheels

Published in: Automotive
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SteerClear Wheel Introduction

  1. 1. Introducing the next generation of steering wheels---
  2. 2. The SteerClear Wheel
  3. 3. Secure. Connected. Transparent. Safe.
  4. 4. The SteerClear Wheel Front 1. Transparent driver-facing material. 2. Embedded color changing omni-directional lights. 3. Sensations. 4. Display.
  5. 5. The SteerClear Wheel Back 5. Adjustment wheel. 6. Gyroscope/Accelerometer. 7. Sensor.
  6. 6. Features of the SteerClear Wheel • Connects to car computers, safety systems and smart city infrastruture. • Tells you when to turn through vibrations and light before you have to turn. • Tells you when to stop, slow or go. • Warns you of forward collision or lane departure. • Insures security.
  7. 7. For More Information: • Go to SteerClearWheel website: • Follow on Twitter - @SteerClearWheel