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Shanghai's Best Hidden Tourist Sites


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Visitors to Shanghai usually end up going to the same old places like the Bund, to see the famous Shanghai skyline; Yuyuan, to see traditional Chinese architecture and taste Shanghai’s signature dumplings and Nanjing pedestrian street for shopping, but if you want to get off the beaten path a little there’s plenty of other, less obvious sites that this metropolitan city has to offer; ranging from museums and temples to parks and film studios.

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Shanghai's Best Hidden Tourist Sites

  1. 1. Longhua Pagoda and Temple The seven-storied Pagoda is situated in a large park which is also home to Shanghai’s largest temple. If you are lucky enough to be in Shanghai during the spring then the peach blossoms at Longhua are some of the best in the city. You can also witness the bell- striking ceremony on New Year’s Eve when the bell is struck 108 times before midnight. Admission: 10RMB Opening hours: 7am-4:30pm Address: 2853 Longhua Lu, Xujiahui District, 徐家汇区 2853号 How to get there: Take metro line 3 to Longcao Road Station
  2. 2. Propaganda Poster Art Centre Located in the basement of an apartment block, this place is definitely off the beaten track however, if you’re interested in recent Chinese history and propaganda in general then this is a good place to go. They have a vast selection of posters that have been collected over several years from various sources. Admission: 20RMB Opening hours: 10am-5pm Address: Basement, Building B, 868 Huashan Rd, Xuhui, 徐汇区华山路868 号B号楼 How to get there: Metro line 1/7 to Changshu Road Station
  3. 3. 1930’s Street Hidden away under People’s Square, this quirky little place is easy to miss. The street consists of replica 1930’s shops and restaurants and there’s even a tram carriage down there. The street is only short so doesn’t take long to walk around, but it can be a nice diversion on a busy day as it’s rarely crowded and is a good respite from the usual hustle and bustle of one of China’s busiest cities. Admission: Free Opening hours: 8am-10pm Address: Under Shanghai Urban Planning Centre, People’s Square How to get there: Metro line 1/2/8 to People’s Square Station
  4. 4. Changfeng Park This park is a favourite with the local Chinese but rarely visited by foreign tourists, probably because it’s quite far from any metro stops (at least a 20 minute walk from Jinshajiang Road Station). This is one of the best parks in Shanghai and there’s plenty to do; for example there’s an aquarium with whale shows, go-carts, a boating lake and even a small amusement park. Weekends are best to be avoided, especially if the weather is nice, as locals flock to the park in their droves. Admission: Free Opening hours: 6am-5:30pm Address: 525 Zaoyang Lu, Putuo District, 普陀区枣阳路 525号 How to get there: Metro line 3/4/13 to Jinshajiang Road Station
  5. 5. Admission: 50RMB Opening Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm Address: 4915 Bei Song Highway, Chedun, Songjiang District, 松江区车墩 镇北松公路4915号 How to get there: Take the bus from Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Centre Chedun Film Park It might be a bit of a trek from the city centre but this place is definitely worth a visit. You can wander around different film sets including Nanjing Road in the 1930s, traditional Shanghainese shi-ku-men alleyways and a European-style square. There’s also a tram tour and a costume and props exhibition. Filming happens regularly here so you might get a chance to bump into a few local stars, who knows you might even end up becoming an extra!
  6. 6. Jewish Refugees Museum – The museum is housed in the Ohel Moishe Synagogue and has exhibits on the Jewish faith and objects from Jews who lived in Shanghai during the Second World War. Behind the synagogue are another two exhibition halls with newspaper clippings, videos and photographs illustrating Jewish life in Shanghai. Admission: 50RMB Opening hours: 9am-5pm Address: 62 Changyang Road, Hongkou District, 虹口区长阳 路62号 How to get there: Metro line 4 to Dalian Road
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