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Shanghai - A City of Choices


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In 2004 I went to Shanghai for the first time on a program organized by my department in the University. I was asked to give a presentation about my cultural experience there and these were the slides I used. This should give a good pictorial overview of the exciting but different life that could await you in Shanghai!

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Shanghai - A City of Choices

  1. 1. Shanghai - A City of Choices A preview of studying abroad in China
  2. 2. What is LIFE in Shanghai like?
  3. 3. Is it about temples and bicycles…?
  4. 4. … Or skyscrapers and automobiles?
  5. 5. Really, it’s your choice!
  6. 6. Shanghai is m odern and b eautiful …
  7. 7. … while the history is plentiful
  8. 8. The University looks great…
  9. 9. The night scene… even better!
  10. 10. D rinking age is only 18…
  11. 11. And you can eat more Chinese Food than you can ever imagine…
  12. 12. Different f oliage makes it a different Spring…
  13. 13. While d ifferent c igarettes go well with d ifferent d rinks
  14. 14. But definitely, Shanghai will be a cultural immersion…
  15. 15. You have a new language to learn
  16. 16. You can learn in depth …
  17. 17. Or just enough to get by…
  18. 18. You can be an Emperor …
  19. 19. … with 7 concubines
  20. 20. Or you can just be yourself…
  21. 21. … and work wonders at Karaoke!
  22. 22. Really, it’s your choice - Shanghai will be your new experience!
  23. 23. So how can I go to Shanghai? <ul><li>University Exchange Programs </li></ul><ul><li>Plan your own holiday! </li></ul><ul><li>Ask me! </li></ul>
  24. 24. Questions?