Bentley Prince Street Sustainability Milestones


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Bentley Prince Street Sustainability Milestones

  1. 1. ! 2012 Mission Zero Milestones!Today, 18 years after we began our climb up Mt. Sustainability, we are less than a decade away fromreaching the top. Since beginning our journey towards sustainability in 1994, we have undoubtedlymade significant progress towards achieving our sustainability goals. We have reached numerousmilestones in our progress, and it is important to realize, reflect upon, and celebrate each of these aswe look forward to the path that lies ahead. The milestones we have achieved together provide us withencouragement, lessons learned, and a sense of accomplishment as we stand right on target to meetour Mission Zero® promise in 2020.Timeline of Mission Zero Milestones for Bentley Prince Street1994: Sustainability focus and philosophy begins at Bentley Prince Street1995: Start internal recycling program with 17 commodities including office and process waste1996: Finalize EcoMetrics format and begin measuring water, energy, waste and material use EcoMetrics assesses how much take, in terms of materials and energy, and what comes out, in the forms of products and waste1996: Create first green house gas (GHG) inventory, using the World Resource Institute protocol1997: Begin a relationship with Del Haven Community Center, including creating a program in which they help us recycle yarn on cones1999: Installed a 100 kW solar array onsite; at the time, it is the largest privately owned array in the country2002: Become a charter member of the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR), and the first manufacturer in California to publish a 3rd party verified GHG inventory; CCAR serves as a voluntary GHG registry to protect and promote early actions to reduce GHG emissions by organizations2004: Win the GEELA – Governors Award for Environmental and Economic Leadership; this award is California’s highest environmental honor administered by the California Environmental Protection Agency and the Natural Resources Agency2005: Develop Scan and UPC to use tail-outs; by developing product created from post-production yarn, or tail-outs, the small cone of yarn that is left over at the end of a production run, we continue in our commitment to sustainability, and took on the challenge of developing a manufacturing process to re-purpose this waste into a new carpet line that meets our exacting quality, design, and style standards2005: Certify all of our products as Environmentally Preferable using SCS2005: Certify to ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems2006: Create High PerformancePC, making standard broadloom products containing an average of 10% recycled content2007: Become the first carpet manufacturer to certify its manufacturing facility to LEED-EB Silver2008: Win the GSA Evergreen Award; a panel of employees from the U.S. General Services Association (GSA) Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC) selected Bentley Prince Street as an environmentally-conscientious business partner among all the applicants because of its efforts in recycling, affirmative procurement and waste reduction2008: Win the CalRecycle Sustainable Business Award, the California Integrated Waste Management Board has honored Bentley Prince Street, Inc., for the extraordinary measures to reduce waste by cutting the amount of trash it produces, conserving resources and reducing landfill waste2009: Become the first North American carpet manufacturer to have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for broadloom carpet; an EPD is the only third-party verification system that takes into account the complete life cycle assessment of a product’s environmental impact, encompassing raw materials, production, installation, use and end of use
  2. 2. ! 2012 Mission Zero Milestones!2010: Become a Save Energy Now Leader company with the Department of Energy and commit to reducing energy intensity by 25% in 10 years2011: Bentley Prince Street received the California Waste Reduction Award Program (WRAP) Award for waste reduction programs and successes annually since 20032011: Bentley Prince Street again received the GSA Evergreen Award, where a panel of employees from the U.S. General Services Association (GSA) Integrated Workplace Acquisition Center (IWAC) selected the company as an environmentally-conscientious business partner among all the applicants because of its efforts in recycling, affirmative procurement and waste reduction, setting an example for all IWAC vendors to follow2012: Receive the EPA Climate Stewardship Award for Excellence in Greenhouse Gas Management, which recognizes leadership in addressing climate change and reducing carbon pollution and was presented by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Association of Climate Change Officers, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions and the Climate Registry.2012: Participant in the Department of Energy’s Superior Energy Performance Certification Program; Bentley Prince Street will be one of the first companies in the country to be certified to the new ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard; ISO 50001 is designed to help companies manage their energy use and continuously improve their energy performanceBentley Prince Street’s Measurable Progress since 1994: Reduced water use per unit by 55% Reduced energy use per unit by 41% Reduced waste sent to landfill by 97% Reduced net absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 48% since 1996 Reduced NOx emissions by 66% since 1996As we look at the path ahead and the steps we will have to take together to keep on target, it isimportant to be proud of and not forget the progress that we have made. Although there are obstacleswe will need to overcome to reach our goals, we have come a long way in the right direction. Let’skeep the momentum up and innovation flowing by remaining engaged as we continue our climb up Mt.Sustainability!Please take a moment to experience the interactive Mission Zero Milestones