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Splunk Discovery Koln - 17.01.2020 - TUV Austria: IoT & IIOT


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Presentation slides from Splunk Discovery held in Koln on January 17th 2020

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Splunk Discovery Koln - 17.01.2020 - TUV Austria: IoT & IIOT

  1. 1. IOT AND IIOT THREAT OR OPPORTUNITY? Verify · Optimize · Certify
  2. 2. 2|TÜVTRUSTIT2019 ÜBER UNSER UNTERNEHMEN TÜV Austria – founded 1872 TÜV TRUST IT provides: ● Certification services in the area of information security and privacy ● Over 40 IT security experts ● Long-standing experience ● Extended industry segment know- how
  3. 3. 3|TÜVTRUSTIT2019 TOPICS OVERVIEW ISMS Security Architecture IoT elDAS Training Cloud Security GDPR Cyber Security Pentesting
  4. 4. Foto:FalkS./ 4|TÜVTRUSTIT2019 IT SECURITY OF IoT
  5. 5. IT SECURITY IN THE INDUSTRY 6|TÜVTRUSTIT2019 Foto:fridarika/
  6. 6. History repeats itself ✔IT security of some industrial components (SPS) equates with the level of security of IT system 20 years ago. ✔This allows the same attacks like on IT systems 20 years ago. ✔An industrial component needs the same amount of protection as a standard IT component e.g. a PC. ✔The presumption that OT is completely different than IT in the area of cyber security is false.
  7. 7. Examples ✔One example are Siemens SPS. ✔Siemens provides all known vulnerabilities on their CERT Internet page. ✔As an example in September 2019: 7 vulnerabilities disclosed ✔It shows that the provided vulnerabilities are not really specific to the industrial sector but can also be found in „normal“ IT systems like servers and clients.
  8. 8. Innovative attacks ✔TÜV AUSTRIA published a Whitepaper called „IoT im Smart Home“ ✔It describes new attack scenarios using side channel attacks ✔The use against IIoT and I4.0 is more likely than in a smart home environment ✔Right now, there are no easy and cheap countermeasures available
  10. 10. OWASP IoT Top 10
  11. 11. IEC 62443
  12. 12. ✔Simple countermeasures: • Network separations • Firewalls • Anti Virus • Network analysis • Patch management • … Countermeasures
  13. 13. ✔Countermeasures against sophisticate attacks can only work if the defense are informed. This means the access to information, which are displayed in a SIEM like Splunk. Countermeasures
  14. 14. Foto:birdys/ 15|TÜVTRUSTIT2019 THREAT OR OPPORTUNITY?
  15. 15. Conclusion • Cybersecurity is getting more and more important. • Each involved party needs to think about security. > Product developers > Product integrators > Administrators of the products > User of the products • Unfortunately, IoT and IIoT devices and cybersecurity is both; a threat and an opportunity. We all will benefit from the integration of devices but also this new integration can cause us harm. • The key to success is the visibility of information and problems in the network to protect against attacks.
  16. 16. YOUR BENEFIT: STAY SECURE Your individual contact: Hendrik Dettmer Telephone +49 (0)151 41436773 |