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Four Villa Development In Agroal - Portugal 2011


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Portugal Land Development - Agroal - Space Projects Ltd 2011

The four secluded villas that make up this development defy structural logic. Anchored to, but cascading down the mountain, the architecture is treated as sculpture in form and space. Glass, concrete and timber together with corralled water combine to create an atmosphere that is as serene and contemplative as the buildings surroundings creating a sense of calm suffused with latent dynamism.

Horizontal lines, volumes and spaces are strong themes, glazed panels run entire lengths of structure, elongated cantilevered forms hover in space, timber flooring and ceilings float between panels and water falls into ordered pools below.

Walls slide allowing light and air to flood into the villas spaces, whilst large roof terraces invite one to move directly into the space and countryside beyond.

By its sophisticated layering of space, open aired corridors, deep overhangs and vistas areas are constructed then deconstructed to merge into the privacy of light filled bedrooms, spacious bathrooms and quite studies, lounge, dining and kitchen form the focal point to the villas with furniture and fitments emerging from floors and walls, necessities are all considered and carefully concealed within structure, with the laws of straightness observed at all times.

Finishes are minimalist, hard, clean, cool and modern in tone acting as a perfect foil to the exterior abstract textures and surrounding landscape.

Space Projects Ltd - 2011

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Four Villa Development In Agroal - Portugal 2011