Linking Twitter to Facebook Kills Kittens


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Looking at creating a strategy for Twitter and Facebook for businesses that avoids the fatal, kitten killing mistake of linking the two platforms. Originally presented at Social Media Camp in Victoria, October 3, 2010

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  • -not fully engaged and listening-poorly formatted messages-by bombarding potential clients with repeated messagesPeople kill kittens in the interest of saving time, being efficient and because they don’t realize the damage they could be doing.But the kittens can be saved! By organizing and strategizing your social media, you can keep the kittens alive.
  • -If you aren’t using it well you don’t get value-It doesn’t work if you don’t use it socially-Users are there to be social, you alienate them if you are not-Will show examples of alienating posts
  • Examples: posts like this say “I’m not listening”
  • A favorite shop of mine is very involved in Facebook. I love their use of Facebook’s content and invites so I can learn of interesting events like this tasting. Picture, date, easy to read, rich in information….
  • But then I get this—at the exact same moment—in my twitter inbox. A kitten died for this, folks. First of all, I can’t get all the information I need in one glance from here, second of all, the link to FB requires multiple clicks to get to the right place, because the two sites don’t link well. And if I don’t click, I don’t even know there’s a tasting involved! Or when it is!
  • weird symbols that don’t make senseno direct link to who or what socialize me is, and it doesn’t come through as an event or with the link as rich content!
  • To help understand, use them from their original platform (web)
  • These are a few general things to keep in mind– there are ways around some of these, and some are changing (rich content)
  • Facebook is like someone coming into your store, Twitter is like you talking to them on the streetUGC—like putting up a pic of a celebrity that’s been into your store—only its not a celebrity, it’s a FB friend
  • Don’t link them—you don’t just gain from it, you alienate customers
  • Make the sum of the parts equal more than they are individually. Used to work in display ads—if you run one week in paper vs. running weekly in paper—what about if you added in Billboard, radio? All about them making a connection
  • -Website: Where money is-Twitter-quick, catches interest-Facebook-medium content, medium value-Blog: rich content, little eye-catching
  • Linking Twitter to Facebook Kills Kittens

    1. Linking Facebook toTwitter Kills Kittens<br />Naomi Bishop<br />@SocializeMeSEA<br />
    2. Linking Facebook to Twitter<br />Death of kittens marketing opportunities<br />Mommy, why do people want to kill the kitties?<br />SAVE THE KITTENS!<br />
    3. People are Killing Kittens<br />Wasting their (company’s) time<br />Think “social media doesn’t really work”<br />Alienating customers<br />
    4. Twitter is all about engagement/listening<br />
    5. Facebook offers you the opportunity to have vibrant content/invites<br />
    6. Twitter doesn’t<br />
    7. Facebook offers you the opportunity to have vibrant content<br />
    8. How not to kill kittens<br />Understand the use of each social media tool that you use<br />Use only those that you’re capable of using<br />Let your tools build on each other<br />Have a strategy*<br />*This is super important. You’ll probably hear it 1000 times today. I just wanted to get to be first<br />
    9. Understand the tools you use<br />Facebook<br />Users must choose to listen to you<br />You can only interact as the business on the business page<br />Rich content ideal<br />Twitter<br />You can reach out to people<br />Must fit into 140 characters<br />Rich content likely only seen by those who click<br />
    10. Understand the tools you use<br />Facebook: Create an online space for people to come to you<br />Photos/Videos<br />Event invites<br />Content<br />Yours and related<br />Encourage UGC<br />Twitter: Reach out<br />Keep people informed<br />Announcements<br />Reminders<br />Quick info<br />Answer questions<br />Respond to issues<br />Offer assistance<br />Thank people<br />Entertain<br />
    11. Only use the tools you can<br />If you don’t have time/resources to use a tool, then don’t<br />You DOhave time to use Twitter<br />Schedule (some) tweets ahead of time<br />Set up notifications on your phone<br />Make it worth your time—increase the value of your social media<br />
    12. Make your tools build on each other<br />Offer the same message in multiple places at different times to hammer it home<br />Optimize your post to use the platform<br />
    13. Have a Strategy<br />Anticipate and direct where people will click<br />Know what goes where<br />Make a schedule<br />
    14. Have a Strategy: Anticipate and Direct Click Path<br />
    15. Have a Strategy: Know what goes where<br />
    16. Have a Strategy: Make a Schedule<br />What goes where when<br />Build from one platform to another<br />Be consistent<br />Amount of posts<br />How often/when you’ll reply<br />
    17. Save the Kittens<br />Don’t link Facebook and Twitter<br />Understand the tools you’re using<br />Have a Strategy<br />Naomi Bishop<br />@SocializeMeSEA or @Gastrognome<br /><br /><br />Text SocializeMe to 50500<br />