SeQoya case study on eastern health


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Case Study on how Eastern Health i

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SeQoya case study on eastern health

  1. 1. Case Study:How Eastern Health increasedNovated Leasing uptake bymore than 130% in a year
  2. 2. About Eastern Health- Eastern Health is one of Melbournes largest metropolitan public health services providing arange of emergency, medical and general healthcare services to Melbournes diverse easterncommunity- Eastern Health provides services to more than 800,000 people across a geographic area of2800 square kilometres.
  3. 3. The Situation in Jan 2012 Eastern Health was on the MSG platform Leasing done via Custom Fleet Total number of leases signed in Eastern Health over 5 years = 70
  4. 4. The Challenge Increase uptake of salary packaging and Novated Leasing Find a solution that was easy to use for both Eastern Health as well asemployees Be able to provide tools and rationale for salary packaging items –answering the “Is it worth salary packaging item X?” question; ultimately toincrease salary packaging uptake.
  5. 5. The Solution Eastern Health adopted the SeQoya platform for salary packaging in March 2012 SeQoya provides full remuneration simulation and reporting catering to all types ofbenefits Employer able to package an employee’s salary without professional help – alsocalculates savings in payroll tax and workers comp insurance for employer;making a business case for salary packaging easy Eastern Health chose Smartleasing as exclusive Novated Leasing Provider –Smartleasing integrates in a seemless manner with SeQoya platform Smartleasing employee on Eastern Health premises 2 times a week – educatingemployees of the benefit, answering queries and signing up for leases
  6. 6. The Solution – Tailored to Eastern Health
  7. 7. Results Salary packaging user experience from both the employee and employerperspective hugely advanced Novated Leasing uptake grew by 130% in one year: 95 Novated Leases signed upby Smartleasing compared to a total of 70 leases signed in the previous 5 years !! SeQoya tool integrates management of employee fringe benefits and Novatedleasing, providing consistent and manageable processes for employees andEastern Health Increase in revenue from Salary packaging, reduced costs through efficiencies
  8. 8. Testimonial from Belinda Couch,Salary packaging manager at Eastern Health“ The benefits of combining both SeQoya with Smartleasing program has achieved morethan just system efficiencies for Eastern Health, we have also reduced costs and createdanother revenue opportunity. Eastern Health has experienced more growth in the first 12months with Smartleasing than we have seen over the past 5 years with other providers.SeQoya integrates the management of both employee fringe benefits and Novatedleases, giving consistent and manageable processes for not only our employees but alsofor Eastern Health as well.I would highly recommend the integrated model of SeQoya salary packaging softwarewith the Smartleasing system and services plugged into the model”
  9. 9. About SmartGroup
  10. 10. Prashant MohanMarketing +612 9119 8338Contact