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Evolution of Field Service


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The field service landscape is changing as quickly as the technology that powers it. Basic metrics like employee utilization, first-time fix rates and windshield time were the main focus for field service providers in the past, but no more. Now, managers rightfully expect the software they use to help them meet far more complex business objectives and processes.

At the same time, most field service management (FSM) technology is still designed for traditional break/fix use cases, despite the fact that field service technicians only account for approximately 10% of mobile workers in the U.S.

In this session, operations and field service leaders will learn how modern FSM technology has evolved to go beyond the traditional break/fix or maintenance uses cases to reduce costs while increasing customer and employee satisfaction.

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Evolution of Field Service

  1. 1. The Evolution of Field Service Management DREAMFORCE 2018 Going Beyond Break/Fix Use Cases
  2. 2. Speakers Evolution of Field Service Management | Speakers 2 S E RV I C E M A S T E R C L E A N VA N C O U V E R President & General Manager ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver David Benoit Technology Manager ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver Richard Shim
  3. 3. Agenda Evolution of Field Service Management | Agenda 3 01 About ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver 02 Use Case with Salesforce and Skedulo 03 Field Service Evolution at ServiceMaster 04 From Cloud Silos to Connected Systems 05 Lessons Learned
  4. 4. Evolution of Field Service Management | ServiceMaster Clean About ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver 4
  5. 5. ServiceMaster Clean Vancouver Use Case Evolution of Field Service Management | Real-Time Service Delivery 5 R E A L - T I M E S E RV I C E D E L I V E RY - Customers request job via phone, email or online portal - Scheduling and dispatch of requested jobs managed in Skedulo via Salesforce integration - Mobile teams receive notifications on personal device with Skedulo app - Salesforce and Skedulo seamless integration syncs data from the field in real time JOB reporting field reports invoicing create job create recurring job ORDER LINE ITEMS — products ORDER — customer relationship
  6. 6. Evolution of Field Service Management | FSM Evolution Field Service Management Evolution with ServiceMaster 1990 • PC Infrastructure • Telephone, Mail, and Paper 2000 • Internal Servers and Spreadsheets • Email, Texts • Paper • True Cloud Integration of CRM, Field Service Management, and Mobile Workforce in Real Time 20152010 • Cloud CRM • App and BYOD, but one way • Email and Phone 6
  7. 7. Cloud Silos and Broken Data Models 2 0 1 0 – 2 0 1 5 • Salesforce CRM as source of truth • Vision for connected systems, BUT… • … Limitations on what data can push-pull with the field • Field service app gives teams the information they need • Data from field only useful if synced correctly to the system of record • Record duplication Evolution of Field Service Management | Data 7
  8. 8. Evolution of Field Service Management | Connected Customer Lifecycle 8 Connected Customer Lifecycle Customer communication via website, phone, email Automated, regular communication pre- and post-job enhances customer experience Connected system with customer, worker, and service information Actionable reporting fuels business process Field service work pushed to mobile teams and real time service delivery synced to Salesforce Integrated Systems & Unified Data Model Connect Customers, Service, Field, & Back Office Processes
  9. 9. Lessons Learned Evolution of Field Service Management | Lessons 9 CRM as source of truth and data01 Take advantage of configuration and customization 04 Understand the data model02 Keep it simple for the field and help them stay focused on customer service 05 Format and scale of data must fit your business and your source of truth 03 Work with a strong partner who listens and is committed to you 06
  10. 10. Questions? THANK YOU!
  11. 11. About us Founded in 2013, headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in Australia, Asia, and the United Kingdom, Skedulo has enabled over 100 companies to seamlessly schedule and service more than 5 million appointments all around the globe. The company secured $9.2 million in Series A funding in 2016, led by Costanoa Ventures. For more information, please visit