Kofax Connect: Making the First Mile of Business Smarter


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With the explosive growth of mobile devices, today's customers desire rapid response from the companies they do business with from the first moments of engagement. This presentation discusses how you can leverage mobile technology during these initial interactions – the First Mile – to gain competitive advantage, streamline business processes, and improve customer response time.

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Kofax Connect: Making the First Mile of Business Smarter

  1. 1. Kofax ConnectMaking the First Mile of Business Smarter™
  2. 2. 1. What is the First Mile™?2. What’s the challenge of the First Mile?3. How do I get there from here?4. Demonstration2Agenda
  3. 3. Technology Has Changed How We Interact…. We live in a very connectedworld Organizations haveto respondto the changes inhow people interact Companies that get this right will win… the others? What can you do to help?Let’s explorehow we gothere…3
  4. 4. Systems of Record run yourbusiness… They are your ERP, CRM, ECMand other enterprise systems You’ve invested heavily in thesesystems over the years You’ve made them as efficientas you can4The Past 20 YearsECMBPMCRMERPSoR
  5. 5.  Systems of Record are only asgood as the information that goesinto them Kofax helps you fuel thesesystems with the rightinformation and contentBut…business is changing5Information Drives ValueECMBPMCRMERPSoR
  6. 6.  Information is more complex Channels are more varied Change is a constantThis creates a challenge forSystems of Record6It’s a Changing WorldECMBPMCRMERPSoR
  7. 7.  IT is becoming ‘consumerized’ Consumers are moredemanding Customers want instantaccess and rapid response Cloud-based solutionscreate a 24/7 serviceexpectationThese are Systems of Engagement…7It’s a Changing WorldECMBPMCRMERPSoR
  8. 8. It is important to execute well acrossall our business processes….But it is critical to excel in the firstpart of the process.What Does This Mean for Your Organization?...we call this “The First Mile”8
  9. 9. This is the businesscritical first mile ofcustomerinteraction!The First Mile™9Systems of Engagement Systems of Record
  10. 10. Kofax Vision and MissionMissionTo dramatically transform and simplify the businesscritical First Mile of customer interactionsVisionTo make the First Mile™ of businesssmarterValueIn doing so, organizations can significantly increasetheir responsiveness to customers, provide a higherlevel of service, gain competitive advantage and bettermanage and grow their businesses while also greatlyreducing operating costs.
  11. 11. Market Evolution & Growth11Market Size1M100M1B+1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015$0$1B$2B$3B$4B$5B100K500KSmart Phones & TabletsUsed byEmployees & CustomersDesktop Scanners& MFPsin HighlyDistributed Front OfficesMidRange Scanners in DistributedRegionalOfficesProductionLevel Scanners inCentralized, Back OfficesMonolithic PageScanners inCentralized BackOffices“Everyone has a scannerin their pocket today.”Geoffrey Moore,Best-selling Business Author
  12. 12. 67% consider mobile devices to be important to improvingbusiness processes45% believe mobile devices would improve their speed of responseby > 3XYet >75% havemadeno progress toward these goalsImportance of MobileFinancial Services•Customer onboarding•Mortgage & loan apps•Appraisals•“Trailing documents”Healthcare•New patient onboarding•Clinical documentation•Medical claims submission•Revenue cycle managementGovernment•Citizen benefit enrollments•Claim submissions•Licenses, permits & renewals•“Trailing” documentsSource: AIIM – April 2012Insurance•New policy quotes•Customer onboarding•Claim submissions• “Trailing” documents
  13. 13. Benefits of Mobile Capture13Source:AIIM Study: Distributed and Mobile Capture, 20120% 10% 20% 30% 40%Immediate feedback/approval at customers home/businessSupporting data can be validated closer to the customerOn-the-spot proof-of-identity/signature captureCase workers/inspectors/professionals can access and update case-files on-siteFewer lost forms or dropped processesTraveling/remote staff can initiate or sign-off processSavining in physical transporting/handling/storage costsField staff can trigger processes without going-back-to-baicsProcess is triggered in minutes, not hours or days0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%Greater geographical reach possibleMoves handling and/or keying costs to the customer or…Better tracking of incomplete or abandoned processesSupporting data can be immediately validatedProvides a 24/7 serviceSupporting documents more likely to be at handImproves customer experience - more in controlSelf-service - reduces time/costs for frontline staffWhat would be the three biggest benefits fromextending distributed capture to thehome, portable or mobile devices of your…What would be the three biggest benefits from extending distributed capture to the home, portableor mobiledevices of your agents/customers/citizens/suppliers? Reduced time& cost Processefficiency Customerself-service Improvedcompliance End-to-endvisibility Better qualityEmployeesCustomers
  14. 14. Systems of Recordare enterprise applicationsdesignedfor internal purposesKofax – The Essential LinkKofaxprovides an essential link betweensystems of engagementand systemsof recordResults inan OptimizedCustomerExperience&GreatlyReducedOperatingCosts14Systems of Engagementgenerate real time,informationintensivecommunicationsfrom customers
  15. 15. Kofax Value15ImageCaptureProcess ManagementExtend to Pointof Origination™ContentCapture
  16. 16. Point of Origination™: Extending Systems & Processes16PointofOriginationSystems &processesProductionscannersCentralizedback officeAgents & FieldWorkersSmart phones &tabletsCustomerlocationsSmart phones &tabletsDesktop scanners&web portalsRemotebranch officesMFPsFAXElectronic
  17. 17. KofaxTotalAgility™Extending Your Investment17ERPECMCRMBPMKofax Capture™Kofax Transformation Modules™Kofax Import Connectors™Kofax CommunicationServer™ Kofax Front Office Server™KofaxMobile Capture™Kofax Web Capture™Kofax Analyticsfor Capture
  18. 18. First Mile SolutionsFirst Mile™ challenge: Information intensive interactions with an organization Labor intensive, slow, error-prone Can adversely affect perception of your business18First Mile SolutionsIncrease customer responsivenessMinimize need to modify existing enterprise applications & repositoriesProvide an essential link between “systems of engagement” &“systems of record”…Eliminate process latency in a mobile world
  19. 19. Smart Process Applications19Source: Forrester – August 2012Support business processes that are: People intensive Information intensive Highly variable & unpredictable Loosely structured &subject to change Collaborativeand require these five capabilities:Awarenessof relevant data & contentCaptureof documents& forms Analysisof targetedinputsBusinessProcessManagementto managethesteps of an activityCollaborationto createcontent
  20. 20. Kofax Smart Process Applications20Awarenessof relevant data & contentCapture & Outputof documents & formsAnalysisof targetedinputsBusinessProcessManagementto manage thesteps of anactivityCollaborationto create contentEmbeddedBI & analyticsBoth process& data analyticsMonitoring,reporting & dashboardsSimulation& predictive modelingETLcapabilitiesRecognizes and processeskey metadata to speed upprocessesIntegrates with allinformationsourcesLeader in ForresterMultichannelCaptureWaveCaptures paper & electronic infoat Point of Origination™Collaboratevia email, IM, SMS & MMSIntegration with MicrosoftSharePoint,Dynamics, Office365, Lync & ExchangeServerLeader Forrester DynamicCase ManagementWaveOn-Premiseor PaaSManageunpredictableprocesses
  21. 21. Workplace Safety & Insurance BoardChallenges > 1,000 claims per day, > 240,000 per year 40,000 pages of paper & faxes / day Processing is labor intensive, slow, prone to errors & expensive Difficult to provide a responsive level of service Systems of record can’t accommodate e-BusinessNo fault workers compensation insurance for > 230,000 employers with >4.5M employees. Third largest group insurer in North AmericaExpectedBenefits Move to electronic input via mobile devices Faster & more accurate processing via automation Greatly reduced operating costs Improved customer service All withouthavingtouchtheir systems of record21
  22. 22. For further information, please contact:Phone: 949-783-1333Email: contactme@kofax.com