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Arthur French Executive Recruiter


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Find here about Arthur French and his executive recruiters that helps to increase the records of recruitment across USA by SevenFigureCareers.

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Arthur French Executive Recruiter

  1. 1. Find here Private Equity Executive Leadership Positions Arthur French Executive Recruiter
  2. 2. SevenFigures Executive Recruiting Had a Record Year With 160 Placements in Private Equity Have Venture Capital Portfolio Companies SevenFigureCareers has been doing business in private equity and venture capital for the past 14 years About Seven Figures Executive Recruiting
  3. 3. "We believe the reason we have been successful in this space is because we have been able to identify, screen and recruit highly-qualified executive candidates that understand the importance of confidentiality to these organizations." Find What Arthur French Says About Recruitment
  4. 4. SevenFigures has developed the smart-value approach to making placements that will allow our candidates to dramatically increase their chances to get hired and get paid what they're worth. SevenFigureCareers has established relationships with leading private equity firms including; Agile Capital, Rock Hill Capital, Briarcliff Solutions, A.G Becker and Argo, LLC.
  5. 5. Arthur French said - "Not one of the 160 offers made to our candidates came with a traditional job description, nor were they made without the confidentiality restrictions from over 200 in place, non-disclosure agreements with private equity groups in 2015," stated Arthur French, VP of Recruiting. SevenFigure Careers Records
  6. 6. With over 14 years of experience providing highly- qualified executive candidates to the private equity and venture capital communities in the United States and internationally. We have active relationships with over 411 companies which represents over 1,200 total portfolio company opportunities, however SevenFigureCareerS have fill ed 40 of these positions by the end of 2015. Candidates Have Been Offered Several Positions
  7. 7. For 25 years, the mission of SevenFigureCareers has been to find good jobs for our clients— executives working in private equity and venture capital. Even during economic slowdowns, our experts continue to obtain interviews for almost 100% of our clients. We are working with over 2,400 executive recruiters around the United States working together. About SevenFigureCareers
  8. 8. Call Us At : 1-866-621-1062 Contact Address: 2244 Faraday Ave Carlsbad, California 92008 Contact Us