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[US] Infographic: 2015 Mobile Fact Sheet


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Mastering Mobile Search: Navigate post-Mobilegeddon terrain with the Searchmetrics mobile fact sheet. The following tips can help you understand key differences between mobile and desktop search.

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[US] Infographic: 2015 Mobile Fact Sheet

  1. 1. 2015 MOBILE FACT SHEET Mastering Mobile Search Navigate post-Mobilegeddori terrain with the Searchmetrics mobile fact sheet. The following tips can help you understand key differences between mobile and desktop search. 1 MOBILE-FRIENDLINESS IS A MUST Over the last two years, mobi| e's online market share has more than doubled, while desktop has continually declined. In the months following the Google update, we found that the number of mobile-friendly sites increased. MOBILE-FRIENDLINESS PRE VS POST GOOGLE UPDATE For Top 100 Domains by SEO Visibilityr April 201 5 September 2015 Google l. IprI; ilI. ' Apnl 21st 80% 90% O Mobile-Friendly O Not Mobi| e—Friendly 0 Blocked through robots. txt or not accesible Source Mobile Ranking Vectors 2015. Seaichmetiics -seo Visiiility is a unique KI’! develoaed by Searchrnetrics for measurirq on he performance across organic Search results ONLINE MARKET SHARE BY DEVICE 1 4% 24% 29% - 0 0 I| CR£ASlIfl j2013 A 2014 A 2015: .00 79% 66% 61% Source . '-1JfCD| .ll'IICl‘ mm 2 DEVELOP A SEPARATE MOBILE STRATEGY Defining and implementing a mobile-specific strategy is paramount to online success. For many keywords. the majority of searches are now carried out on mobile devices. We also found that over a third of top ranking sites in the mobile and desktop SERPS are different. meaning mobile needs a dedicated strategy. KEYWORD SEARCH VOLUME BY DEVICE 07oTAILET O O 50% MOBILE 349. DESKTOP O 58% of 40,500 monthly searches for ‘stilettos’ was carried out on mobile devices. source: Mobile Harxinq Factors 2:115. Searchinetrics URL OVERLAP MOBILE VS DESKTOP RANKINGS 36% different Dataset: top 30 mobile and desk- top Google search results for 10,000 identical keywords. Source. Seaschmeti -cs iiiteiiial data 3 AVOID THESE COMMON MISTAKES These are key indicators that Google checks before assigning a mobile-friendly tag to your site. Make sure your mobile site is up to scratch. ILDCICE IINFLAVABLE MOBI. E-ONLY SLOW Jflllfifif CONTENT ‘III! WKITQ J! - E s. vi hm FMILTV TOO MANY INTERSTITIILS ngmuggfg up‘; Source. Google 4 DRIVE YOUR MOBILE STRATEGY WITH DATA INSIGHTS Now you know the basics. delve deeper with Mobile Flanking Factors 2015. Our new study examines key ranking factors across mobile and desktop and can give you the edge in your strategic mobile planning. i MOBILE FACTOR DESKTOP i---»». -- - riussu _ . - -- - -— I S'II8pc-«I - » -~ I Fharlt - -~ nu-: u - romsa-aimuiierou - nu. - 'si - int-ractiveflema-1: - no T an-mu»-w-i-ausu j = ~ I Airrlrularbu-we I ‘W in I Number oriuand Links - ‘en = —> — Flovvtmrr -" ‘-i — Pvt-oflevms — ii — meteor mi —— <~‘ I Gooulet — W-‘ I ma j = -- I Pincuest I K‘- —— ilnberoliacklivts —Z ' * Z mu-nae j READ MOBILE RANKING FACTORS 2015 Learn to master mobile search at: searchmetrics. comImobile20'l5