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September 2013 fleet and family support center programs


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Monthly calendar of events at FFSC

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September 2013 fleet and family support center programs

  1. 1. September 2013 Fleet and Family Support Center Programs: Suicide Prevention, Ombudsman Appreciation, Employment Classes, and Ombudsman Training . . . Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 The month of September is dedicated to Suicide Prevention activities. Call FFSC at 871-3000 for more info. 2 Have a Happy, Happy, Happy Labor Day! 3 DVIP, 1600 4 Effective Fatherhood,1100 Combat Adjustment 1600 5 6 7 8 9 Transition GPS, all week, begins 0800 Effective Fatherhood, 1100 10 DVIP, 1600 11 Effective Fatherhood,1100 Combat Adjustment 1600 12 New: Active Parenting in 3, Part 1 of 3, 1330-1530 13 14 September 14 is Navy Command Family Ombudsman Appreciation Day World-Wide. Happy 43rd Birthday to the Program! 15 SAPR Victim Advocate Training begins tomorrow at 0800 in Building 433, Room 139. 16 SAPR Victim Advocate Initial Training Begins, 0800-1630 daily Effective Fatherhood, 1100 17 GET THAT JOB 0900-1100 DVIP, 1600 18 NMCRS BUDGET FOR BABY, Call NMCRS at 871-2610 to sign up; Effective Fatherhood,1100; Combat Adjustment 1600 19 Depression and Suicide Prevention 1100-1200 20 21 22 23 Effective Fatherhood, 1100 24 CAPSTONE EVENT, 1000-1200 CONSEP for First Termers, 4-Day Class, begins 0800 DVIP, 1600 25 Effective Fatherhood,1100 Combat Adjustment 1600, I.A. Family Gathering, 1600 26 Ombudsman Basic Training, Day 1, Begins 0830; SAPR POC, 0800- 1200; SAPR DCC, 1300-1500 27 28 29 30 Transition GPS, all week, begins 0800 Effective Fatherhood, 1100 Notes: “BABY BOOT CAMP,” instructed by New Parent Support Specialist Sue Maters, will be held 10 October. It is open to individuals and couples who are expecting or who have infants up to 3 months old. Call FFSC at 228-871-3000 to save your spot! Parenting Class, Stress Management, and Anger Management classes are available by appointment. Call Educator Paula Ingram at 228-871-3457.
  2. 2. September FFSC Classes: Please call Fleet and Family Support Center at 228-871-3000 to pre-register. We want to notify you of any changes. . . Active Parenting in 3, Day 1 of 3 is 12 September, 1330-1530. This class is for parents of 5-12 year olds. For more information about the course content, check out Anger & Stress Management, by appointment, call Paula Ingram at 871-3457. Capstone Event, 24 September, 1000, The CAPSTONE Event is a Military Service, held to verify that Service members have met their Career Readiness Standards (CRS). Capstone should be completed no less than 90 days prior to separation/retirement. Combat Adjustment Program, Each Wednesday, 1600-1730. Call Sarah Hopper at 228-871-3000 to sign up. This 6-session class discusses stress reactions to combat. CONSEP for First Termers, 24 – 27 September, 0800 daily. Teaches career planning to service members in their first enlistment. Depression and Suicide Prevention, 19 September, 1100-1200. Provides a basic overview of depression symptoms and how they can increase suicide risk. Covers treatment options as depression is always treatable, regardless of the cause. DVIP (Domestic Violence Intervention Program), Tuesdays at 1600. Call Jim Soriano to sign up in advance at 228-871-3000. Designed to help end partner-on-partner abuse. NOTE: DVIP for WOMEN is available at a separate time; call Paula at 228-871-3000 for information. Effective Fatherhood, Mondays and Wednesdays at 1100. This is an on-going series for men and any father is invited; call Jim Soriano at 871-3000 for more information and to sign up. Attendees are welcome to bring a lunch and eat during the class. Individual Augmentee Family Gathering, 25 September, 1600-1700. Provides support/information to families of Individual Augmentees. Call Paula or Jean at 871-3000 for information. NMCRS Budget for Baby, 18 September. Call Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society at 871-2610 to sign up and obtain class time. Ombudsman Basic Training, Begins 26 September, 0830. Provides the required basic information for anyone considering serving--or who has been selected to serve--as a Navy Command Family Ombudsman. Parenting Class, by appointment, call Paula Ingram at 871-3457. SAPR POC Training, 26 September, 0800-noon. Teaches responsibilities of the Point of Contact. SAPR DCC Training, 26 September, 1300-1500. Teaches responsibilities of the Data Collection Coordinator. SAPR Victim Advocate Training, 16-20 September, 0800-1600 daily. Teaches command-selected personnel to serve as SAPR Victim Advocates. Transition GPS Class for Separatees and Retirees, week of 9 September and week of 30 September, 0800 daily. For members separating or retiring, this class covers job-hunting skills as well as “need-to-know” items relevant to leaving the service. Members must be enrolled by their Command Career Counselors.