You didn´t sleep_last_night


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You didn´t sleep_last_night

  1. 1. You didn´t sleep last night? You feel drowsy, tired, exhausted and without energy?
  2. 2. Napping anywhere, anytime can be asolution but…
  3. 3. it’s not always the best…
  4. 4. Let’s make naps “official”! NAP NAP Decent Naps!!!!!
  5. 5. Kri Team will provide you: Privacy Best sleeping position Special microenvironment: no noise, no bugs, perfect temperature, special lighting Perfect equipment: easy to carry, inexpensive Napping wherever you like: outdoors or indoors
  6. 6. Kriteambeginsto workGreenhat on
  7. 7. Napping places waiting rooms, cinemas, theatres, bus, subway, airplane, children playground, isolated island, classroom, office meeting room, restaurants and bars, under a bridge, parks beaches, desert, oasis, mountain, bus terminal, train station, airport, staircases, parking lots, and moreBody napping positions seated (angles), standing up, laying horizontal face up, laying horizontal face down, horizontal lateral position, others
  8. 8. 100 solutions fromWord Combination Idea TriggerLeft side: Right side:List of words that are Words that are notrelated to the related to the subjectsubject, in this case: and conceptuallySleep distant. eg. trash word + word=idea
  9. 9. And the ideas are: idea trigger word sleep items place adjectivesair mattress waiting room hangingadvertisement sleep elements with logos cinemas theatres movingaromas induce sleep bus, subway, airplane softart blanket Children playground portablebag keep nap items isolated island anti UVballs bed, pillow/matress classroom silentbanana bed/pillow/craddle office antibugbark bench meeting room protectivebath nap restaurants and bars cozybear sleep under a bridge familiarbelly pillow parks comfortablebelt sleep beaches cheapBlue cavern Catalina boat desert/oasis warm /freshboat bed mountain not heavybook bed bus Terminal, train station, airport freeboring movie induce sleep staircases darkbox bed beaches quietbread pillow/matress parking lots dancing seashore/sand & water/movement ofbroom pillow, bed wavesbubbles pillow, matress, blanket backseatbycicle bed closet toycanoe bed cellar winecanopy protection Under a table
  10. 10. More ideas… idea trigger word sleep items idea trigger word sleep itemsCar nap nut bedcart bed Oranges bed, pillows, matresscase nap owl bedcasket nap Pill for stuffing pillowscat bed pot aromatherapy/ relax Lavendercave bed purse napchair dental/rocking rice pillowchinese lamp bed rain sound/ protection for when outsideclock pillow sand pilow/ matresscloset space screen privacy/ protectioncocoon bed shell /clam bedcolors pillows differentpurposes shoe bedcraddle adult nightsky canopydesk pillow theme tematic beds & pillows/enterprisesdreams relaxation tea induce sleep/ pillow lindenfish getting sleepy Snow white death sleep KissFloor bed solar blanketFloral blanket station napfog environment stone pillowFoggy night environment surfing board pillowfull moon environment table bedgarden bed taco cocoonguitar bed tea induce sleepgrass bed/pillow/blanket tent naphanger bed train bedhat pillow tree bedhealth make naps official TV induce sleephut protective /hidden bed umbrella nap canopyjournal bed Warm water induce sleep/Bathkeyboard pillow water pillow/matresskit nap wings pillowladder bed yoga place bedlenses eyes wide open doors bedlight special phones pillowLighthouse beam warmth soup bowl bedLion bed dish bedMagazine cover and pillow pen pillowmask Facial/robbery/cutsomized massage pillow/matressmicrofiber worms pillow/matress rocking bedMilk and cookie induce sleep, honey vibrating bedmops bed swinging bedmusic & sounds relaxing tilting bednest bed hanging bednewspaper blanket pool napNight cats strap napnight sky sleeping theme farm pillowforest pillow jungle pillow