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Blockchain and AI: Powering the future


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by Girish Nuli, CEO, Antara Software and Consulting Private Limited at STeP-IN SUMMIT 2018 15th International Conference on Software Testing on August 31, 2018 at Taj, MG Road, Bengaluru

Published in: Technology
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Blockchain and AI: Powering the future

  1. 1. Human Intelligence
  2. 2. Machine Intelligence Processing Capacity Efficient Algorithms (Tools) Power without utility = useless! Algorithms without power = useless! AI revolution = Convergence of Power + Algorithms Image Credit:
  4. 4. AS SIMPLE AS Crunching numbers in excel sheets and databases in seconds instead of an entire day, so that you can spend the day doing…
  5. 5. Image Credit:
  6. 6. OR AS COMPLEX AS Taking a rocket into SPACE, so that you can spend the day doing…
  7. 7. Image Credit:
  8. 8. AI Today & Tomorrow Automated advisors for insurance and loans (e.g. Wealthfront) Image recognition (Contract Intelligence (COiN) platform) – analyses legals documents (3,60,000 man-hours vs seconds) Dingsunbao (Loss assessment master) Self driving cars Speech recognition Image Credit: Cognitive assistants
  9. 9. AI: Basic Premise Human brains + BIG data = BIG fail We work on processed results, intuitions and emotions to make decisions AI = learn from past trends to predict future events AI = learn from large datasets to complete repititive tasks AI = dynamic decision making to handle unexpected situations Today: Maximum impact on people performing repititive tasks
  10. 10. BLOCKCHAIN
  11. 11. Blockchain Good for immutable record keeping Good for security & identity (zero knowledge proofs, quantun resistant encryption) Good for enforcing contracts on digital assets Bad for complex tasks! Bad for high transaction speeds (as of now)
  12. 12. F U L LY D E C E N T R A L I Z E D ( D A O , P 2 P, D E X ) PA R T I A L LY D E C E N T R A L I S E D ( U b e r, A i r b n b ) PA R T I A L LY D E C E N T R A L I Z E D , D I S T R I B U T E D ( E n t e r p r i s e B l o c k c h a i n s ) F U L LY C E N T R A L I S E D ( I n s u r a n c e , B a n k i n g )
  13. 13. SMART CONTRACTS At the heart of most Blockchain applications Decentralization is powered by smart contracts
  14. 14. Let’s PLAY!
  15. 15. contract Bonus { }
  16. 16. contract Bonus { address me; address boss; address kpiBot; uint depositFromBoss; }
  17. 17. contract Bonus { function depositMoney(amount) bossOnly { depositFromBoss = amount; } }
  18. 18. contract Bonus { function updatePerformance(kpi) kpiBotOnly { if(kpi > 99%) transferBalance(me); if(kpi > 90%) transferBalance(me = 50%, boss = 50%); if(kpi > 80%) transferBalance(me = 30%, boss = 70%); transferBalance(boss = 100%); } }