Stark Reality Philosophy and Process


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Stark Reality provides Small and Medium Enterprises with brand communication disciplines
and processes previously only available to and affordable for, large corporations. Here is our process and philosophy that delivers clients with realistic strategies that increase their sales.

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Stark Reality Philosophy and Process

  1. 1. “Business is about two things and twothings only, marketing andinnnovation”- Peter Drucker, Father of Modern Management
  2. 2. From strategy right through to execution of your marketing tactics(online and offline), Stark Reality can assist you in achieving yourobjectives with the minimum of stress. Stark Reality provides Smalland Medium Enterprises with brand communication disciplinesand processes previously only available to and affordable for, largecorporations. We provide you with realistic strategies to increaseyour sales with big ideas tailored to your budget.WHO WE WORK WITH: WHY CHOOSE US?Stark Reality Marketing works with Business-to-Business (B2B) and Professional Stark Reality Marketing combines the strategic and creative communication skills toServices companies facing the difficult task of finding, attracting and retaining grow your business using proven scientific marketing principles.customers on a limited marketing budget in an increasingly competitiveenvironment. Most importantly you have an overwhelming desire to meet the Our consulting model is designed around configurable processes that retain flexibilityneeds of your customers. You have a desire to grow your business in a responsible to respond to the specific needs of each and every client.and ethical manner and you are willing to listen and consider new ways of What makes us unique is that we place your website at the centre of all yourovercoming challenges. You know what they say about people who keep doing the marketing activities – where it should be! Your website is most commonly the firstsame thing yet expect a different result and you are not one of them! thing that your prospects see and experience about your business and it needs to be providing your customers with a WOW experience that is generating Word ofSTRATEGY: Mouth recommendations for your brand. Market Research We can differentiate between a Pull Website and a Push Website and those in Brand Positioning between. By beginning with your website we can develop the right strategy for your Creative Strategy business and allocate your total marketing budget most effectively online and offline. Marketing Plans Marketing Audits We can help to develop your website into your most accountable and effective Communication Audits marketing tool – a sales generation machine by: Media Planning 1) Designing PR 2) Building Sales Promotions and Events 3) Maintaining and 4) Promoting your website correctly, using facts and not fantasies.CREATIVE SERVICES - COPYWRITING AND DESIGN: Corporate Identity Development from Collateral to Packaging and POS Direct Marketing: Brochures, Postcards, Letters, Print Advertising Online Marketing: Websites, Blogs, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Online Advertising
  3. 3. Over the last 4 years, Stark Reality has provided marketing andcommunication advice to over 100 SME’s, completed 65 individualprojects and has written and publicly spoken extensively on themarketing challenges facing the driving force of the Australianeconomy – small business, especially in the area of professionalservices.SOME OF THE BRANDS WE HAVE WORKED WITH AND CREATED
  4. 4. WE BELIEVEExcellent communication design, consistently implemented,sends powerful messages simultaneously on two levels...Overtly, it manifests understanding of the content. Covertly,it communicates confidence that the material deserves yourtrust.- David Berman, author of “Do Good Design”, Design requires serious research and understanding of your customer and prospect needs, examination of what is being offered by your competitors and how those offers are being communicated. Business owners need to answer these questions and provide them in an executable brief to their marketing team. - Gene Stark, Stark Reality Marketing
  5. 5. “An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisionsand judgments simpler through knowing whatto pay attention to and what to ignore”Edward de Bono “Simplicity is easy to use but can be hard to design. You may need some creativity” Edward de Bono“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary sothat the necessary may speak”Hans Hoffman – Artist “Making the simple complicated is commonplace, making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity” Charles Mingus – Jazz Musician“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”Leonardo da Vinci
  6. 6. HOWWE DO IT
  8. 8. BLOG – Distribution, Online PR COPORATE ID – Print Mangement ADVERTISEMENTS – Media Negotiation E-MAIL & DIRECT MAIL – Campaign Management WEBSITE – SEO, PPC & Content Management NETWORKING & SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS – Social Media Management EXECUTION AND PROMOTION Audio Logo, Business Card, SEO/Online PR, Linked In, Mail & Email, Letterheads, PPC, Facebook, Telemarketing Script Presentations, Display Ads Twitter Brochures NETWORKING & DATABASE ADS/BROCHURES CORPORATE ID WEBSITE BLOG SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS DIRECT MARKETING CREATIVE PRODUCTION – Design and Copywriting Where are your What is the current Recommended Where can you Budgets and newcustomers? What are How do the competitors Cost per Lead? (CPL) Marketing reach them most KPIs, CPL, CR etc.they reading,watching reach their customers? What is the current Activity Schedule cost effectively? and listening to? Conversion Rate? (CR) with associated costs COMMUNICATION PLANNING What problems do How do they act? Who are the desired What are the What is your What is your you solve? Buying Process Customers? competitors offerings? Brand Essence? Brand Personality? What is unique about it? What are the most What is the What is your What do they really What is your What do they think? valued and least valued Opportunity Cost Brand Promise? want/expect? Brand Positioning? features? of your product? How do you deliver it? What is the What is your Who are the What are the different What is the Name of What do they feel? Pricing Structure Positioning Current Cusomers? Market Segments? your product/service? and Role of Price? Statement? What will be the Why do they buy Why do they buy from What is the What is the What is your customer’s long-term from you? your competitors? Distribution Strategy? Selling Process? Brand Experience? Creative Strategy/ Theme? UNDERSTAND THE CUSTOMER DEVELOP THE OPTIMAL OFFER KNOW YOURSELF AND STAY FOCUSED BRAND STRATEGY BUSINESS STRATEGY
  9. 9. WE ARE NOT “DIRECT MARKETERS” of viewing the same website or any other communication. If your visitors believe your website looks good, then this positive quality will spread to other areas, suchYet we believe that to “control it” you have to measure it, which is exactly what as the website’s content and the overall impression about your company. Becausewe’ll do - lower your cost per lead and improve your conversion rates! people like to be right, they will continue to use the website that made a good first impression, as this will further confirm that their initial decision was a good one.WE ARE NOT AN ADVERTISING AGENCY WE ARE NOT E-COMMERCE EXPERTSHowever we know that Perception is Reality and that First impressions affectsubsequent judgments of perceived credibility, usability, and ultimately influence Although we understand that your website is your face to the world, a showroomyour customers’ purchasing decisions. Your communication, wherever it is, needs open every hour of everyday which needs to be generating sales tell visitors what it is that makes you special and why they should buy from youand not your competitors. WE ARE NOT CRM OR LOYALTY CONSULTANTSWE ARE NOT A PR FIRM OR A WORD OF MOUTH OR A VIRAL Yet we know the importance of collecting information about your customers andSPECIALIST AGENCY tracking your results. We believe that your website is critical in forming part of your overall Customer Service and Relationship Management solution and providingBut we know a thing or two about creating a genuine story of interest and your customers with a vehicle for feedback and customizing their experience everygenerating buzz. Most importantly we’ll focus on generating referrals for your time they come to visit WE ARE NOT MOVIE DIRECTORS OR PRODUCERSWE ARE NOT BLOGGERS OR SOCIAL MEDIASPECIALISTS But we can make you (your products, services, demonstrations, etc) look like aBut we’ll help you develop meaningful online conversations and interactions with professional on camera and have your Video online in 24 hours for less than whatyour target audience. a Hollywood celebrity spends on lunch.WE ARE NOT WEB DESIGNERS WE ARE NOT SALES COACHESBut we know that you need to make a great first impression, as opinions formed Nonetheless we understand the psychology of sales and we can fill your pipelinein just 50 milliseconds are very similar to those formed after much longer periods faster and decrease your cost of sales sooner. We are none of the above; We are all of the above. We are business people, strategists, technology experts and creative communicators – writers and designers from many different industries, without the fixed costs, jargon and protracted timelines and we are here to serve you – our customer.
  10. 10. TO PUT US TO THE TEST FOR FREE AND WITH NO OBLIGATION, TAKETHE STARK REALITY CHECKIf your business is suffering from falling sales or increased competition, if you wouldlike to know how to improve your communication so that you can stop the moneywasting marketing mistakes made by so many businesses, then take the Free andNo Obligation Stark Reality Check – and we guarantee to provide you with advice onmultiple ways of increasing the return on your marketing investment.STARK REALITY649 St Kilda RoadMELBOURNE VIC 3004T: + 613 8683 0224E: