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Liberty 3D


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Libery - A Nail Evolution; Superior horseshoe nails that make the difference

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Liberty 3D

  1. 1. • Excellence, commitment and innovation for over 100 years
  2. 2. • 100 years ago, through his excellent craftsmanship, the founder wins the 1st prize during the largest Dutch agricultural fair in the Netherlands• Kerckhaert: machine forged horseshoes with handcrafted qualityThe best workhorses are shod with Kerckhaert horseshoes
  3. 3. • Piet Kerckhaert led Kerckhaert through a down economy• Preservation of employment through creativity and resilience• 1956: Kerckhaert celebrates its 50 year anniversaryOnly the best manufacturers are able to survive
  4. 4. • Conversion from agricultural equipment to leisure horses and tracks• Production tailored to the needs of different countries, with respect to traditions  Scale augmentation: rapid production lines  Ultramodern machinery  Maintaining Kerckhaert handmade quality• Patented Olympic clips• 10 years development of the best horseshoe nails in the world: LibertyProduction according to customer needs
  5. 5. • One Stop Supply• Development of new markets in 77 countries worldwide• Excellent relations with many farriers, dealers and partners allows us to serve the farriers better• Innovative computer controlled machines• Many new, innovative, patented models• Radius clips, aluminium race plates, Smart Finish, Support concept• Surpassing all conventional productsKerckhaert: The choice of Master farriers
  6. 6. • The highest honour “By Royal Warrant”: A reward for a century of dedication  Over 100 years creative and innovative leader in our field  Financially sound and of national importance  Clear company vision  To be of good conduct  A team of skilled staff membersDedicated to excellence for more than a century
  7. 7. • Top quality deserves the best material• Patented models, according to tradition• Patented Olympic and Radius clips• Finely detailed creases and nail holes• Creases, coarseness and pitch different design for front, back, left and right hoovesImproved quality of the hoof withregular use
  8. 8. • Liberty to choose  Quality  Price  Brand• Logical complement to the total offering of Kerckhaert quality products• Top quality at a fair price• Liberty = Kerckhaert from start to finish• Innovative, uncompromising Kerckhaert designs• Many improvements compared to traditionally made nails from other brandsLiberty: To have a wider choice at the top end of thehorseshoe nails market
  9. 9. • 100% Kerckhaert design, just like the horseshoes• Top quality materials• Manufacturing process fully controlled by Kerckhaert• Using the latest computer controlled manufacturing technology• More than 30 checks per nail• Consistently superior qualityAlways clean, very smooth, very sharphorseshoe nails
  10. 10. • Have u already handled the Liberty horseshoe nails?
  11. 11. Very smooth finish
  12. 12. • L logo (* exception: Meister logo on M nails)Logo always clearly visible
  13. 13. • Smooth transition from nail head to shank and shaft• Precise fitting into the square hole in the foot surface of the horseshoe• Hoof wall stays healthyEnsures optimal hold betweenthe horseshoe and the hoof
  14. 14. • Always correct nailing, even with different hoof wall angles• Fewer hammer blows needed• Easy clinchingVery smooth finish
  15. 15. • Beautiful bevelled edges on the shaftIt’s a joy to work with Libertyhorseshoe nails
  16. 16. • Individually designed for specific models and sizes• Exactly the right pressure on the hoof wall: The nail always finds its perfect way outThe farrier determines the requiredheight of exit
  17. 17. • Firm, very sharp pointDisturbance of the horn material due to wedgeeffect of the nail is reduced to a minimum
  18. 18. Other brand used
  19. 19. • Very smooth finish and sharp point• Head fits firmly in the nail hole• Perfect pitch• Automatically pulls itself firmly into the V-shaped crease• The nail always finds its perfect way out• Can be nailed as high as required• Not just for Kerckhaert horseshoes• Also ideal for use with soles, artificial horn, plastic horseshoes, etc.Liberty – A Nail Evolution
  20. 20. • Practical plastic box• Clearly legible labels• Strong reliable closure• WeatherproofMade of recycled materials
  21. 21. • The best steel quality • Perfect bevel of point• Very smooth finish • Sharp point• Firm fit in V-shaped crease of • Superior consistency level Kerckhaert horseshoes • Strong plastic box• Clearly visible logo• Beautiful bevelsLiberty: The best horseshoe nails forthe most demanding farriers wordwide
  22. 22. • Better quality horseshoe fitting• Better hoof quality• Better performance of the horse• More secure shoeing for horse, farrier and ownerSatisfied customers will bring new customers
  23. 23. • Horseshoes will hold securely in between fittings• Saves the farriers back, tools and time• Uniform consistent quality pays off15% cheaper than other leading brands
  24. 24. E E2 – E10 ESL ESL2 – ESL7 JF JF0 – JF3 FJ FJ0 – FJ1• Growing number of styles and sizes LX LX50 – LX60 E NON SLIP E2 – E7• Traditions in farriery taken into account ESL NON SLIP ESL2 – ESL7• Not just for Kerckhaert horseshoes CITY (CH) CITY 5 SLIM (SB) 4,5 SLIM – 5 SLIM• Available in all standard sizes COMBO COMBO 5 RACE RACE 4,5 – RACE 5 BH BH3 – BH5For every horseshoe always the perfect Liberty nail ASV ASV 1 5/8 – ASV 1 3/4 ESL SPECIAL ESL3 – ESL5 MEISTER (M) M40 – M60
  25. 25. • Our Liberty production team would like to thank you for your attention and interest in their daily work, that up until now, has been kept a secret to the general public.Please try our Liberty nails. We are sure you will be satisfied.
  26. 26. • All Liberty horseshoe nails are now available in all models and sizes