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Content Marketing Title Evaluation Scorecard


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Roger C. Parker’s Title Evaluation Scorecard reviews the key characteristics of successful titles and includes 10 questions to ask when evaluating proposed titles for articles, blog posts, books, ebooks, and SlideShare presentations.
You can also use the Title Evaluation Scorecard when evaluating titles for content marketing premiums like reports, white papers, and videos.
Titles play a “make or break” role in your writing and content marketing success.
Choose the right title, and you establish instant rapport with your intended readers. The right title should clearly indicate who should buy or download your book, ebook, or white paper, why they should buy or download it, and how they will benefit from it.
Choose the wrong title, however, and your book or incentive becomes invisible! Just as the headline is the most important part of an advertisement, the title is the promise that attracts readers (and search engines) to your publication’s landing page and engages their interest.
SlideShare blog titles, plus a Title Evaluation Scorecard you can download, for evaluating your publication’s proposed title.

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Content Marketing Title Evaluation Scorecard

  1. 1. R OGER C. P ARKER ’ S P UBLISHED & P ROFITABLE Title Evaluation Scorecard TITLE CRITERIA QUESTION COMMENTS SCORE Does your title clearly promise a Promise desired benefit? Does your title include details that Specificity add specificity and urgency? Did you emphasize your intended Targeted readers in your title? Does your title differentiate your Position publication from competing titles? Did you use curiosity or metaphor toEngagement make your title more memorable? Does your title communicate in an Voice everyday, conversational tone? Did you edit your title to the fewest Concise and shortest words possible? Did you include a subtitle that Elaborate provides additional information? Does your title include the keywords Search readers use searching online? Did you use more than one of the Combine above techniques in your title? Score © 2012 Roger C. Parker | |
  2. 2. Get help achieving your content marketing and writing/publishing goals After writing over 40 best-selling nonfiction books and premium books that sold over a million copies around the world, I bring an experienced perspective to your content marketing goals. I offer: • Developmental editing for trade publishing and premium books • 1-to-1 book coaching plus copy and design critiques for titles and covers • Creativity tools, like mind mapping and ideaTracking training (i.e., custom systems for locating, learning from, and leveraging good ideas before they disappear) • Checklists and worksheets for improved content marketing and writing productivityRoger C. Parker has exhibited a remarkable consistency throughout the twenty-five years I haveknown him. He has always based his marketing recommendations on the pillars of target marketing,market education and customer retention.William Pearsall, Mergers and Acquisitions, Seattle, WARoger C. Parker has a strong background in retail and small business advertising and salespromotion, and put together a very informative presentation for us. Mr. Parker was exceptionallyresponsive and agreeable to work with. Jean Richardson, Manager, Advertising & Promotion,Apple ComputerRoger C. Parker is a real pro when it comes to book proposals and the publishing business. Workingwith him online, completing a detailed table of contents for my next book took less than an hour,when my previous book took several weeks. Roger makes it that easy and its actually fun too!Dan Schawbel, author of Me 2.0, www.personalbrandingblog.comRogers presentation, “Positioning Your Store for First-Time Buyers,” was a highlight of ourconvention and a turning point in our channel reorganization efforts. He made his points in a veryvisual, entertaining way which our dealers appreciated. Dealers left wanting more.Stewart Greenberg, Sales Manager, Yamaha AudioRoger is a master simplifier.Katy Coletto, Marketing Manager, Mindjet How to save time writing a book or publishing a premium book… …start by downloading my free workbook, 99 Questions to Ask Before You Start to Write or Self-Publish a Brand-Building Book. Follow me on Twitter @RogerCParker, call me at 603-866-6046, or email for more information. 2012 Roger C. Parker | |