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Harvard, SRC and JCCI Training Programs for Professional Service Firms


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Brochure detailing the learning and development programs we now offer in HK and Asia in conjunction with Harvard Business Publishing and JCCI for professional service firms

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Harvard, SRC and JCCI Training Programs for Professional Service Firms

  1. 1. SRC Associates and John Clements Unique Training Programmes By combining the expertise and experience of SRC Associates Ltd in for Developing the Competitiveness of working with professional service firms Professional Service Firms in Asia with experience and depth in leadership development resources at Delivering tailored training programmes for John Clements and its partnership with the professional services sector in Asia Harvard Business Publishing, we are now able to offer comprehensive “Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of training programmes specifically change - and the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn”. customised for the professional Peter Drucker services sector.
  2. 2. PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS Competencies and Topics Programme Delivery Our Approach Our Approach The programmes can be customised in terms of Blended design John Clements, in their partnership with Harvard length, content, delivery style, facilitators, duration as Business Publishing, have developed a range of Self paced courses combined with well as target audience to suit varying firm levels, programmes based on key competencies that have facilitated case discussions including: proven to be significant predictors of firm success. These competencies (listed below) and the • Senior partners and executives programmes can be customised based on each Comprehensive focus across management • Junior partners firms needs and the terminology the firm may • New Partners • Different needs at different levels already use. • Emphasis on strengthening foundation skills • Managers • Business acumen • High potential partners and leaders i. Tied to business strategy: • Business results • Associates and other junior professionals ii. Executive engagement and commitment • Change iii. Leaders engaged as teachers We have developed over 50 topics and modules that • Communication iv. Participant centered approach (PCL) - case can be delivered in a variety of ways based on the • Creativity and innovation studies competencies you wish to build. These delivery • Customer and client focus v. Facilitation by SRC Associates, other experts methods include: • Decision making and Harvard faculty as per your needs • Face to face facilitation • Integrity • Workshops and seminars • Leadership The Case Method • Courses and lecture based • Self development • Mini MBA and executive courses spanning over a Energizes participants: • Strategy longer time period • Real life situations easier to relate to than theory • Talent management • Teamwork • Combination of on and off line delivery • Fully engages more than passive listening to a lecture SRC, has taken these competencies and developed a Using Harvard Faculty • • Learning and discussion centered on participants range of topics and modules around the following interactions six key areas that address specific competencies Whilst the vast majority of programmes are delivered • Applicable to current situations customised for professional service firms: by SRC, John Clements and our associated experts, • Enables the development of one’s own framework 1. Leadership you may wish to bring in Harvard faculty members to for dealing with business problems 2. Innovation, change and the future deliver certain topics or workshops in combination • Every class provides opportunity for risk taking and with SRC. This gives you access to some of the new learning 3. Strategy and strategic change leading minds in their field with the support of the 4. Marketing: building a market driven and client focused firm HBS name behind them. Face to face facilitation can be done via web conferencing or on location 5. Value pricing and alternative fees according to your needs and budget considerations. 6. Knowledge, KM, and learning
  3. 3. SAMPLE TOPICS FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Leadership Case Study - Deloitte Indonesia: leadership Leadership Knowledge, KMKM and learning Knowledge, and learning development programme • Leading a professional services firm (PSF) • Introduction to KM in PSFs Target audience - 30 managers • New practice group leader • KM applications and practices KM processes in PSFs Competencies - innovation and creativity, • New managing partner • communication, effective teams, business acumen • Leading change Knowledge policies Aligning KM processes to strategy Duration - 4 months • Coaching and mentoring • • Managing for profitability • Driving decision making with KM Methodology - blended learning, participant centred • Dealing with difficult interpersonal and • KM enablers for successful implementation Focus areas - performance improvement and skill performance issues enhancement • Motivation and talent retention Marketing: building a market driven and • • Measuring and building a high performance culture client focused firm Action learning - projects were assigned each month upon learning of each competency • Strategic marketing for PSFs • Leading and managing “Gen” Y • The application of marketing to a PSF Innovation, change and the future • How clients buy professional services Using these topics - you decide what • Branding a PSF works best for you: • Innovation in PSFs • Building a marketing culture and client focused firm • A new world: the changing landscape for PSFs • Managing client relationships and satisfaction • Business models in PSFs • Developing new services • Technology and its impact on PSFs • Starting a new practice SRC/John Responsiveness - what is it and how to build it? Strategy and strategic change • Clements • Internal branding & values management facilitation and • Strategic change for PSFs • Building and managing key client teams associated • Strategy development and execution • Building industry teams experts • Driving competitiveness for PSFs • Marketing as the driver of profitability • Strategic differentiation • Strategy & marketing of thought leadership • Strategic innovation • Aligning marketing, BD & fee earners • Internationalization strategy • Strategic selling Length • Premium pricing and strategy • Developing a value proposition for a PSF Topics Harvard faculty • Leveraging intellectual capital • Integrating marketing and BD facilitation Duration • Marketing promotions and communications Value pricing and alternative fees • • Building a personal marketing & BD plan Delivery style • How to charge a premium price • BD for associates/partners Management level • Value pricing and alternative fees • Individual branding: raising your visibility • Implementing alternative fees • Social media and Web 2.0
  4. 4. SRC ASSOCIATES LTD AND JOHN CLEMENTS CONSULTANTS, IN ITS PARTNERSHIP WITH HARVARD BUSINESS PUBLISHING - DELIVERING CUSTOMISED CONTENT FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FIRMS Content Customized for What does this mean for you? This means we can draw on the extensive resources of HBP (such as e-learning, case studies, cafes, faculty, single Professional Service Firms topic portals, etc.) and develop content and training programmes that are specifically relevant for professional in Asia service firms. In line with the overall consulting work of SRC, the training content and methodologies are intended to drive the competitiveness of the firm and individuals involved. SRC together with John Clements in its partnership with Harvard Business Publishing (HBP), part of the Harvard Business School, have devised a range of leadership development programmes specifically for professional MBA Program service firms (PSFs). These blended curriculums can significantly drive the learning and competitiveness of your firm forward. They are specific for PSFs because we have adapted the content to include: Executive  Real HBP cases and war stories from PSFs Education  Research and best practice examples from the professional services industry  Client perspectives, research and anecdotal evidence Harvard  Insight from our consulting experience of working with over 100 such firms Business  Methodologies and frameworks that have proven applicability to PSFs unlike many of Corporate the generic strategy and marketing methodologies that may have limited relevance to your context Learning SRC Associates Ltd John Clements Consultants, Inc. in partnership with, Harvard Business Publishing Robert Sawhney Email: Unit C, 21/F Tel: (852) 28921105 Joel Schapero Email: CNT Tower, 338 Hennessy Rd Fax: (852) 28928616 2301 World Wide House Tel: (852) 2169 6334 Wanchai 19 Des Voeux Road, Central Fax: (852) 2169 6300 Hong Kong Central Hong Kong