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Bob Garcia Affiliated Events

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Bob Garcia Affiliated Events

  1. 1. AFFILIATED EVENTS  Televised events: 12.12.12. The Concert for Sandy Relief, MSG Arena, 2012; From the Big Apple to the Big Easy; MSG Arena, 2005; Concert for NYC, MSG Arena, 2001  VMA’s – since 1981 numerous MTV Video Awards at Radio City Music Hall, Beacon Theatre.  Tony Awards – annual presentations of the Tony Awards since 1992 at both Radio City Music Hall and Beacon Theatre.  Grammy’s – RCMH and MSG Arena (2005)  Latin Grammy’s (2006)  CMA’s (2005)  ESPY Awards – multiple years at RCMH  SUPER BOWL Halftime Presentations o XVII – 1983 – Pasadena o XXII – 1988 – San Diego o XXVII – 1993 – Pasadena with Michael Jackson o XXX – 1996- Arizona with Diana Ross o XXXI – 1997 – New Orleans o XXXII – 1998 – San Diego o XXXIII – 1999 – Miami  Lollapalooza – Waterloo Village, NJ, 1993  Baltimore Ravens Stadium Grand Opening  USTA, U.S Open: Opening Ceremonies  Republican National Convention – MSG – 2004  Special Events: Jeopardy, America’s Got Talent, Wheel of Fortune, NFL Draft, NBA Draft  Broadway Theatre concert presentations o Tony Bennett o Robin Williams o Liza Minnelli o Harry Connick Jr  Cirque du Soleil “Wintuk” and “Zarkana”  Carnegie Hall concert presentations o Peter Allen o Tony Bennett o Pee Wee Herman  Liza Minnelli  Touring Shows o Pokémon o Dancing on Dangerous Ground (former Riverdance principals); Premiered in London, NYC. o Manhattan Transfer  Historical concerts including Frank Sinatra, U2, Rolling Stones, Phish, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen (MSG and Shea Stadium), Lady Gaga, Madonna, Cher, Michael Jackson, just to name a few.

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