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Ctrl+F5 Mumbai, 2017: Aditee Relee - Advanced Intelligence in the Cloud


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Aditee Rele, Technical Lead at Microsoft India, speaks about the new era of computing, the human-centric approach to technology and the myths about machine learning and AI. She also shares the knowledge when it comes to designing intelligent application by analysing data and using advanced intelligence.

Ctrl F5, powered by ResellerClub is a summit for elite web designers and developers looking to collaborate, network and share knowledge with some of the best leaders of the Internet presence industry in India.

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Ctrl+F5 Mumbai, 2017: Aditee Relee - Advanced Intelligence in the Cloud

  1. 1. .ai*Intelligent Cloud Aditee Rele Director, Microsoft India
  2. 2. [ DIGITAL LIFE ]
  4. 4. Data Intelligence Actions 01100 10010 00101 Three major trends are converging
  5. 5. From data to decisions and actions What should I do? What will happen? Why did it happen? What happened? Interactive Dashboards Recommendations & Automation Predictive Models Reports Insight
  6. 6. From data to decisions and actions What should I do? What will happen? Why did it happen? What happened? Interactive Dashboards Recommendations & Automation Predictive Models Reports Information management Big Data stores Machine Learning Analytics Cortana Analytics Suite
  7. 7. Action People Automated Systems Apps Web Mobile Bots Analytics Dashboards & Visualizations Cortana Bot Framework Cognitive Services Power BI Information Management Event Hubs Data Catalog Data Factory Machine Learning and Analytics HDInsight Stream Analytics Intelligence Data Lake Analytics Machine Learning Big Data Stores SQL Data Warehouse Data Lake Store Data Sources Apps Sensors and devices Data Transform data into intelligent action
  8. 8. Microsoft Cognitive Services Give your applications a human side Cognitive Services API Collection
  9. 9. Conversation as a Platform
  10. 10. Telegram Email Web Chat Microsoft Bot Framework Your Bots – Wherever your users are talking Microsoft Bot Framework
  11. 11. Machine Learning
  12. 12. Customer Insight Customer Acquisition Service Analytics Financial Analytics Demand Forecasting Employee Insight Customer Feedback Analytics Cross sell & Upsell Contact Center Analytics Financial Forecasting Inventory Optimization HR Insight Churn Analytics Lead Generation & Opportunity Scoring Fraud Management IT Operations Insight Pay for Performance Marketing Optimization Risk Management Operational Efficiency Personalization Procurement Insight Product Recommendation Spend Insight Product Innovation Supplier Insight Marketing Sales Service Finance Operations Workforce Opportunities exist across functional areas EXAMPLE SOLUTIONS
  13. 13. Improving visibility and making accurate predictions Exploring new business opportunities • Remote monitoring • Demand forecasting • Risk and compliance management Getting the right products to the right places • Inventory management • Supply chain optimization • Marketing mix optimization Offering customers exactly what they want, when they want it • Personalized offers • Product recommendations • New product introduction Fixing problems proactively before they start • Predictive maintenance • Operational efficiency • Customer servicei mprovement • Cross-sell and upsell • Product-as-a-service • New data-driven services Characteristics of successful businesses
  14. 14. GOOD HEALTH, EXTENDED FOR THE RIGHT CARE AT THE RIGHT TIME A healthcare advanced analytics company working collaboratively across domains to convert data into actionable insights, and further provide best-in-class possible outcomes for each of those insights • Runs custom ML algorithms on Azure • Enhance Patient outcomes through Data & Predictive Analytics • 95% Accurate Readmission Predictions
  15. 15. UNIFIED PLATFORM TO AUTOMATE DECISIONS AND ANALYTICS, POWERED BY COGNITIVE INTELLIGENCE Rockmetric is a modern customer data analytics platform powered by cognitive intelligence. • Receives million hits a day • Powered by a revolutionary digital analyst, ‘Alfred’ • NLP driven intelligence layer to deliver data and insights through a conversational Q&A format.
  17. 17. “Thousands of partners sign in to our platform every hour. The response time from the Face API is incredible, enabling us to verify our drivers without slowing them down.” Dima Kovalev, Product Manager, Uber