Developing a Wealthy Mindset – Day 2


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Developing a Wealthy Mindset – Day 2

  1. 1. by Renee Fouche
  2. 2. Welcome to Day 2 of the Developing aWealthy Mindset Series.Let’s recap the first way to improve yourrelationship with moneyfrom Developing A Wealthy Mindset Day 1:
  3. 3. Understand that we live in an abundantUniverse,and our natural state of being is abundance.The second of 3 ways to improve your relationshipwith money:
  4. 4. 2. Understand that energy moves by nature,and if money is energy then it must move in and out.Trying to hold onto money with a belief that it’s notenough, or that it’s hard to come by, only keeps it fromflowing to you. Therefore, you can start by being joyful…
  5. 5. …when you pay your bills, or pay for a service. Don’tbegrudgingly pay for things, because you are signalingthe Universe that you don’t believe more is coming.Wealthy people never wonder if they will get more money,because they understand that they can attract more,and so they do
  6. 6. Ever notice that the more you hold on to money,the less you seem to get?
  7. 7. Sometimes we try to hold on to money so tightlythat we squeeze the life and the energy out of itso the flow to us stops. And so we squeezeharder…and the cycle continues.Think about some of the limiting language thatyou might use about money which speaks it’sreality right into our lives:
  8. 8. “We’re struggling.”“I’m broke.”“I can’t afford that.”“I don’t have enough money to buy that.”
  9. 9. The reason that most broke people stay brokeis that they focus so hard on their presentsituation that they attract more and more of itto them selves. They use language like you seeup above and bring more of what they speakand believe right into their lives.
  10. 10. To begin shifting your mindset from one oflack to one of wealth, you must begin byfocusing on what you want insteadof what you don’t want.
  11. 11. If a thought of lack enters your mind simplyovercome it with a thought of amazingabundance. The more your brain has theability to practice envisioning the things thatyou want instead of focusing on whatyou don’t want the more…
  12. 12. …the things you want will flow into your life.The shift from a mindset of lack to a mindsetof abundance simply requires a decision.
  13. 13. Developing a wealthy mindset is a choice.Make a decision today to have a happy and healthyrelationship with money, which flowseasily and effortlessly into your life.
  14. 14. Stay tuned for the thirdway to improve your relationship with money.Meanwhile, practice paying for things with an attitudeof “it’s OK to pay for this now, because moremoney is flowing to me.”
  15. 15. To YOUR Success,Renee V. Fouche
  16. 16. P.S. A belief is only a thought you keep thinking,therefore you can change your thoughts andchange your beliefs about money and wealth!Think about it…Be sure to like my Fan Page: