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Women in Science: Ada Lovelace Day Talk at NYU


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I spoke to a group of undergraduate and graduate science students at NYU about careers and mentorship. The slides are limited to the talking points, but feel free to reach out for more info. I speak often about alternative careers in STEM, women's issues in STEM, and STEM mentorship. Read my bio here:

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Women in Science: Ada Lovelace Day Talk at NYU

  1. 1. Rebecca Searles How To Be A Person In Science (And Other Areas)
  2. 2. • TRY EVERYTHING • There are probably many “right” paths for you • It’s not about doing what you love, it’s about finding it How do I know which career path to choose?
  3. 3. • There are MANY alternative careers for science lovers • Talk to people in other careers, get outside of the university • Your science background will help you in almost any career What if I don’t want to do research?
  4. 4. • Science is a highly-structured, but imperfect system • Science is for EVERYONE • Diversity is good for science (and just about everything) What if I don’t feel like I belong here?
  5. 5. • Find more than one mentor • Everyone can be a mentor for someone • Becoming a mentor is more useful for the mentor than you might expect Find Mentors, Become A Mentor
  6. 6. • Find a women’s group, or group of people similar to you • If it doesn’t exist yet, start one Find Your People
  7. 7. Women’s Futurist Collective • Join our Private Facebook group • Follow us on Medium and Twitter!