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HDI 2013 - Who's Coaching the Coaches?


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HDI 2013 - Who's Coaching the Coaches?

  1. 1. Who’s Coaching the Coaches?Rebecca GibsonContact Center Solutions ConsultingInteractive Intelligence
  2. 2. Session Agenda 1. Define Metrics to Measure Coaching Effectiveness 2. Define your Coach-the-Coach Program 3. Establish your Coaching Performance Standards 4. Implement your Coach-the-Coach Program 5. A Few Fun Twists ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  3. 3. Coaching is the most direct method to impact performanceThe effectiveness of coachinginfluences the impact. ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  4. 4. Coaching is the most direct method to impact our coaches’ performanceIf we coach our coaches, we will influence the impact. ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  5. 5. Coaching Measurements Measure Sample Goal Coaching Activity • Meet with each employee twice per month • # of coaching meetings to review quality results. • Time spent coaching • Track coaching conversations and How: Coaching content and frequency log agreements to ensure progress. Coaching performance • Meet minimum coaching expectations • Scorecard evaluation against standard during each observation. criteria • Identify areas for improvement and • Self-evaluation improvement strategy. Track progress • Agent evaluations toward goals. • Employee satisfaction survey • Achieve 90% agent satisfaction with coaching and development initiatives. Results • Compliance requirements achieved in • Evaluate employee performance in 97% of evaluated calls. critical areas • Reduce callbacks by 10%. • Improve performance of bottom 15%. • Reduce employee turnover. ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  6. 6. Define Your Coach-the-Coach Program Examples1. What is your • No news is good news. We’ll let you know if you docoaching culture? something wrong. • We think that coaching is an important part of the supervisor/agent relationship, which impacts not just agent performance but satisfaction, engagement and workplace culture. • Our environment changes so much that coaching is required to ensure we are meeting compliance and accuracy requirements.2. How will you • Completion of coaching activities accounts for amanage your portion of a Supervisor’s overall scorecard.Coaches’ • A Supervisor’s coaching index accounts for 20% ofperformance? his or her overall bonus.• Incentives? • A Supervisor who does not meet the minimum• Annual or quarterly required Coaching Evaluation score is placed on review? probation until the score improves.• Scorecard? • Supervisors are evaluated based on their team’s• Poor performance? performance results.
  7. 7. Define Your Coach-the-Coach Program Examples3. Who will Coach • Our Coaches are observed and coached by bothyour Coaches? their direct managers and designated members of• Managers, Training, the Learning and Performance team. QA, Mentors • Each of our coaches has a coaching mentor who works with them on establishing coaching goals and monitoring coaching progress.4. What is our Coach • Each Coach has a Coaching Plan that outlines theirthe Coach process? strengths and weaknesses. Each month, the Coach is observed during 2 coaching conversations, the Coach self-evaluates against the Coaching Plan, and meets with their Manager to review and track progress.
  8. 8. Establish YourCoachingStandardsWhat are the elements ofan effective coachingconversation?Create your own or usean established model• GROW Model• Effective Coaching (Cook, 1998)Rating and scoresTrack what’s coachedand next stepsSOAR Scorecard
  9. 9. You want to WHAT?
  10. 10. Get Everyone Ready• Set ground rules• Communicate to the contact center• Set expectations with Coach• Let coaches choose, at first• Make sure it’s a positive experience ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  11. 11. Get Everyone Ready Since coaching is such an important part of the contact center’s ability to meet our goals, we are implementing an exciting new program to help our Supervisors become even better coaches. The program will consist of self-evaluation and manager evaluation, as well as coaching observations and agent input. Don’t be surprised if your manager’s manager attends your next coaching session – don’t worry, they are there just to observe and provide your manager with feedback. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide feedback about the coaching approaches that work best for you. Our employees’ knowledge and skills are our competitive advantage and we are committed to providing you with support and tools you need to be successful. That’s what the Coach-the-Coach program is all about. ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  12. 12. Observe the Coaching Session Agent Coach Manager • Engage as • Plan coaching • Explain to agent normal. ahead of time. the purpose of the • See evidence Refer to observation and that everyone scorecard. what will happen. here is on a • Relax and engage • Don’t participate performance in a natural in the discussion. plan – we all discussion. • Thank the agent work on • Agent will take for participating. improving and cues from Coach. • Provide feedback being the best immediately. we can be. ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  13. 13. Provide Feedback Post-Observation (2 x month) Discuss observations and trends in coaching conversations, preparation, agent input. Monthly Incorporate observations, self evaluation, agent evaluation, results into coaching conversation. ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  14. 14. A Few Fun Twists• Peer Assessment• Agent Assessment• Role Reversal• Positive-Only Coaching• Choose-one-thing Coaching• Role Play Coaching with Assessment• Skill-Specific Assessment ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  15. 15. Questions? ©2012 Interactive Intelligence Group Inc.
  16. 16. Who’s Coaching the Coaches?Rebecca GibsonContact Center Solutions ConsultingInteractive Intelligence443.254.3750/