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Public Sector Case Studies


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Auditel provide a free service to health check your business expenditure. The initial investigation is free and you don\'t pay anything up front, just a cut of the savings we are able to make you, once we have made them. Its risk free and all inclusive (we implement the cost savings as well as point them out) so it doesn\'t require any extra time or resource on your part. Contact for a no obligation meeting or chat.

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Public Sector Case Studies

  1. 1. SUCCESS STORIESAuditel lowers the cost of doing businessin the public sector Lowering the cost of doing business
  2. 2. SUCCESS STORY PUBLIC SECTOR Auditel lowers costs for Croydon Churches Housing Association Profile CCHA were attracted to Auditel because of the contingency fee approach Croydon Churches Housing which meant no up front payments and a self-funding performance Association (CCHA) own driven service. They initially asked them to look at communications, nearly 1400 properties in energy, stationery and janitorial expenditure and were delighted when three London boroughs. Auditel delivered savings across the board of over £48,000. Further They maintain a close savings are expected when they review printer, photocopier and relationship with their printing costs. residents and have recently won an award for best “Auditel has given us excellent advice on sourcing more customer service in Croydon. favourable cost options and their methodical and thorough SAVINGS approach on our expenditure has given us greater clarity. By making simple adjustments in our spending practices TO DATE and increased monitoring across our organisation, the savings are increasing.” £48,000+ – Angela Simpson, Head of Corporate Services Lowering the cost of doing business
  3. 3. SUCCESS STORY PUBLIC SECTOR Auditel helps Dundee Heritage Trust to steer a more efficient course Profile Expenditure on core business overheads (including energy and The Dundee Heritage communications costs) incurred by DHT were not large by the standards Trust (DHT) was formed in of many organisations, but they nonetheless represented a significant January 1985 to preserve, drain on resources that, if released, could be redirected to help DHT meet display and provide access its conservation, educational and fund-raising objectives. So savings of to Dundee’s industrial past. 17.5% on electricity and 14.4% on gas to date were extremely welcome. The Trust enjoys charitable status and the trustees are drawn from a diverse range “ Auditel came highly recommended by one of our non-executive of community and business directors involved with a firm in Aberdeen that had already Savings of interests in Dundee and enjoyed good savings as a result of working with them. 17.5% Tayside. We have not been disappointed – the savings Hank has identified will make a real difference to us and the level of achieved on service we have received has been consistently high.” elecricity – Susan Forster, DHT costs Lowering the cost of doing business
  4. 4. Auditel is currently making big savings for public sectororganisations in the UK.Our advisory service comes at no cost, and we don’tcharge a penny until you see real, quantifiable savings.Contact us now to find out how much we could besaving you. Lowering the cost of doing business